Auto components

Auto components
GAZ Group's auto components business unites production facilities that manufacture axles and suspensions, wheel rims, exhaust systems, iron and non-ferrous castings, forged goods and tooling. Production is located in Nizhny Novgorod at Gorky Automobile Plant and Dies and Molds Plant, as well as in Chuvashia at Kanash automotive assemblies factory. Products are supplied to automotive companies and customers from other industries, including railroad engineering, aircraft construction, oil and gas sector, agriculture, utilities.





More than


GAZ Group possesses all the resources necessary to fully meet the requirements of components supply market: unique technologies and production expertise, competitive pricing of finished products, state-of-the-art equipment in key areas, broad sales and service network, and a certified quality management system.

Success in detail


Leadership of Russian
components supply market

GAZ Group is among top three leaders of Russian components supply market. The company produces more than 1,700 articles of high tensile and grey iron castings; over 5,000 part names of assemblies, parts and components for a broad range of automobiles; more than 1,200 different forged blanks (forgings); in excess of 10,000 stamped and welded parts and assemblies for vehicles.

Types of products

  • чугунное литье

    iron castings

    Castings are made of high-tensile and grey iron. 3D mathematical models are used in preproduction, foundry tooling is processed on modern NC machines. High tensile-iron is used to manufacture crankshafts, wheel hubs, spring brackets, screen water intakes, etc.; grey iron – for cylinder blocks, bearing caps, exhaust manifolds, brake drums and disks, flywheels.

  • детали кузнечного производства

    forged products

    Forged automotive parts are made of carbon and alloy steels. The production facility has a complete process cycle for manufacturing forgings of different complexity, precision and configuration by hot die forging method. Forgings can be used in the automotive industry, agriculture, oil and gas sector, etc.

  • штамповка


    Stamping is performed on modern lines with high-level automation. Use of new high-precision dies and modern control tools ensure stable geometry of parts. Core products: load-bearing body elements, body panels, wheels, stamped and welded elements of automobile parts and assemblies.

  • штампы, пресс-формы и инструмент

    dies, molds and tools

    GAZ Group's dies and molds production facility has an engineering center of its own and comprises more than 700 items of specialized machinery and equipment. The company performs machining of parts (grinding, milling), thermal and chemical treatment, photochemigraphy. Unique equipment permits processing of large-dimension parts (up to 6000х4000х3000 mm) with highest precision.

  • узлы и агрегаты

    systems and assemblies

    Production of systems and assemblies is located at a stand-alone high-tech site, focused on a full cycle of mechanical processing and thermal treatment, cold and hot stamping, painting, as well as assembly and testing of products. The company produces various elements of automobiles: driving and non-driving axles, suspension modules, platforms, brake systems for commercial vehicles, cars and buses.

  • цветное литье

    non-ferrous casting

    The company makes castings weighing from 0.01 kg to 50 kg of aluminum alloys; the nomenclature of castings includes more than 600 articles. Among typical products – engine case housings, gearbox, transfer box and clutch casings, oil and fuel filter housings, casing lids, brake system parts, brackets, pipes and intake manifolds.

Global expertise for Russian market


The company is pursuing a strategy of creating high-technology component supply operations, as part of which a number of cooperation projects with international manufacturers have been undertaken:

  • 2012

    GAZ Group and Bosal, a leading global manufacturer of exhaust systems, created a joint venture on GAZ site to supply complete exhaust systems for GAZ vehicles and foreign brand cars

  • 2013

    GAZ launched production of frames for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport cars. The project was implemented in cooperation between GAZ OJSC and PCMA Rus LLC (PCMA Rus LLC is a joint venture of PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)

  • 2014

    a JV with Swedish fasteners manufacturer Bulten was inaugurated on GAZ site

  • 2015

    Gorky Automobile Plant started production of stamped body parts and structural elements for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, produced at the same plant since July 2013

  • 2016

    Starting from 2016 GAZ Group started manufacturing components for Ford Sollers engine plant in Russia. Gorky Automobile Plant's auto components operation was nominated to supply crankshaft castings for production in Russia of Ford's 4-cylinder engines to equip Focus, EcoSport and Fiesta models.


These projects contribute to establishment of a modern components supply base for both GAZ Group's own businesses and other automotive OEMs, also helping to utilize company's production capacities more efficiently. Modernization of the production site, further improvement of product quality, development of joint projects with international partners, expansion of customer base are priority tasks for GAZ Groups automotive components business.