About company

GAZ Group – Russia's largest manufacturer of commercial motor vehicles

GAZ Group specializes in development and production of light and medium commercial vehicles, buses, heavy-duty trucks, power trains and automotive components.

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Leadership of Russian market

The Company is Russia's leader in construction of functional, reliable, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly automobiles for businesses, various industries, passenger transport, educational and health care institutions, utilities and fire-fighting services, the agricultural sector.

Best-in-class warranty conditions are offered for a number of new products. With the largest sales and service network on Russian commercial vehicles market the Company ensures favorable buying terms for customers, as well as availability of spare parts and service.

Featuring high-level quality, functionality and reliability, GAZ Group products are 15-30% cheaper than imported peers and are more cost-efficient in operation.

  • 80%

    of buses segment

  • 50%

    of LCV segment

  • 33%

    of AWD heavy-duty trucks segment

GAZ Group is official supplier of transport solutions for key national projects, such as Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Continuous development of model range

GAZ Group continuously improves its model range. Highly diversified product portfolio enables GAZ Group to offer customers integrated transport solutions. Choice of gasoline, natural gas or diesel as fuel, flat-bed trucks and vans, standard or long platform, single-row of crew cab versions, rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive modifications of trucks, as well as buses and coaches of all classes and purposes – the broad variety of options allows each customer to select exactly the configuration to meet the requirements of business. Light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses of the NEXT generation are flagships of Company's model range.

GAZ Group makes use of world's best practices in engineering, production technology, purchasing, sales and business processes. This helps maintain leadership positions on Russia's commercial vehicles market and develop export markets.

Unique traditions of engineering

All development work is carried out in Company's own Engineering Center – Russia's largest R&D facility, supporting a full cycle of automotive engineering: concept and styling development, planning, prototyping, modeling and testing, production processes design, engineering and certification. Automobiles are created based on in-depth knowledge of specifics of operation on all kinds of roads and off-road, in harsh weather conditions and under excess load, always keeping priority customer requirements in mind.

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Advanced production system

A cost management industrial process system based on lean manufacturing principles was implemented at GAZ Group enterprises, an efficient tool for cost cutting and continuous improvement of production processes that over the past ten years helped raise labor productivity four-fold at Company's plants. GAZ Group is the prime source of cadre for organization of lean manufacturing in Russia: leaders of various sectors of economy come to GAZ to study the expertise.

In-house training system

Top priority in GAZ Group's development is investing in creating best working conditions for employees and their professional development, in forming a succession pool of young people, educating a new engineering and technology elite for Russian industry. For professional advancement company employees go to company university, offering approximately 450 unique educational programs and training courses developed in-house.

  • > 40thousand

    highly skilled employees

  • 400thousand

    jobs in supply and related industries in Russia

Integration in global automotive industry

GAZ Group is integrating in international automotive industry through industrial partnerships with leading OEMs Volkswagen and Daimler, as well as with leading international suppliers of automotive components. Joint projects are instrumental for modernizing production capacities and providing training for personnel in best practices of global auto making.

  • Volkswagen
  • Daimler
  • Bulten
  • Bosal


Principal shareholder in the Company is "Russian Machines" engineering holding, a part of 'Basic Element' industrial group. Headquarters of GAZ Group is located in Nizhny Novgorod.