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Vadim Sorokin

Vadim Sorokin

GAZ Group President

Mr. Sorokin is a graduate of Gorky Technical Institute in machine-tool building technology. Later he completed an MBA course at Harvard (USA). He is a member of the International Quality Professionals Guild.

Vadim Sorokin started his career as a design technician. He is an author of 31 patents and has been recognized as the best inventor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Starting as design engineer in 1978 Mr. Sorokin made his way up to becoming CEO of a large production facility. In 1993 he was appointed chief of Russian-US JV Instrum-Rand which under Mr. Sorokin’s leadership was reorganized into Ingersoll-Rand OJSC, the Russian branch of a US-based transnational manufacturing corporation.

In 2008 Mr. Sorokin joined GAZ Group as first deputy chairman of the management board.

Since 2009 he has been director of GAZ Group’s Light Commercial and Passenger Vehicles division.

Appointed GAZ Group President since 2014.  

He is a holder of honourary titles “Best inventor of the Nizhny Novgorod region” and “Russia’s best manager”.

  • Aleksandr Ushakov

    Aleksandr Ushakov

    Logistics Director of GAZ Group

  • Alexander Moiseev

    Alexander Moiseev

    Director of Production System Development of GAZ Group

  • Alexander Yudin

    Alexander Yudin

    Resource Protection Director of GAZ Group

  • Alexey Smirnov

    Alexey Smirnov

    Quality Director of GAZ Group

  • Christian Kremer

    Christian Kremer

    Senior Vice-president Global Sales & Marketing of GAZ Group

  • Elena Marshtupa

    Elena Marshtupa

    Director for Strategic HR Development and Corporate Culture of GAZ Group

  • Elena Matveeva

    Elena Matveeva

    Vice-President for PR&GR of GAZ Group

  • Elena Smirnova

    Elena Smirnova

    IT Director of GAZ Group

  • Günther Heiden

    Günther Heiden

    COO of GAZ Group

  • Kirill Epshteyn

    Kirill Epshteyn

    Advisor to President of GAZ Group

  • Konstantin Rukhani

    Konstantin Rukhani

    Director of GAZ Group Powertrain Division

  • Leonid Dolgov

    Leonid Dolgov

    Export Director, General Director of GAZ International

  • Mikhail Kryukov

    Mikhail Kryukov

    Finance Director of GAZ Group

  • Nikolay Odintsov

    Nikolay Odintsov

    Corporate Sales Development Director of GAZ Group

  • Oksana Isakova

    Oksana Isakova

    Director for Motivation Policy and Operative HR Management of GAZ Group

  • Oliver Moessler

    Oliver Moessler

    Vice-president for Component Business of GAZ Group

  • Pavel Sereda

    Pavel Sereda

    Director for Strategic Development of GAZ Group, Director of Light Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Division of GAZ Group

  • Sergey Kaistro

    Sergey Kaistro

    Purchasing Director of GAZ Group

  • Viktor Kadylkin

    Viktor Kadylkin

    Director of Truck Division – Managing Director of AZ Ural

  • Vladimir Chetverikov

    Vladimir Chetverikov

    General Director of the United Engineering Center

  • Vladimir Demidov

    Vladimir Demidov

    Director of GAZ Group Bus Division

  • Vladimir Varnakov

    Vladimir Varnakov

    Legal Director of GAZ Group

Siegfried Wolf

Siegfried Wolf

Chairman of the Board, OJSC GAZ, Chairman of the Board, Russian Machines

Siegfried Wolf was born 1957 in Austria. Prior to joining Magna, he worked for Philips, VMW (metallurgy), Hirtenberger AG (equipment manufacturer).

Siegfried Wolf worked in Magna since 1994, rising in 1995 to President of Magna Europe. In 1999 he joined the Board of Directors of Magna International. In 2001 Wolf became Head of Magna-Steyr, the European division of Magna. Between 2002 and 2005 he was simultaneously Executive Vice Chairman of Magna International Inc. In April 2005 Siegfried Wolf became Co-CEO of Magna International.

In 2008 Siegfried Wolf joined the Board of Directors of GAZ Group and in 2010 became its Chairman.

Siegfried Wolf sits on the boards of a number of major international companies, such as Continental AG, MIBA AG, and Schaeffler AG. 

  • Manfred Eibeck

    Manfred Eibeck

    Chief Executive Officer, Russian Machines

  • Artyom Leontyev

    Artyom Leontyev

    Head of Human Resources, Basic Element Company

  • Elena Matveeva

    Elena Matveeva

    PR&GR Director, Russian Machines

  • Maxim Nagaytsev

    Maxim Nagaytsev

    Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC GAZ

  • Peter Koob

    Peter Koob

    Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Machines

  • Valery Shantsev

    Valery Shantsev

    Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC GAZ

  • Dmitry Snesar

    Dmitry Snesar

    First Deputy of the President and Chairman of the Management Board of Bank of Moscow OJSC, VTB Group;

  • Vadim Sorokin

    Vadim Sorokin

    President, GAZ Group