GAZ Group Mission

GAZ Group is running the important mission of developing competitive commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, engines and components

We provide vehicles for various sectors, social types of transportation, and guarantee their safety, reliability, perfect service and cost-efficient operation.

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    We aim at continuous improvement of our professionalism

    Our employees are committed to be responsible and achieve the best results using the best practices.

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    We open up new opportunities of development for our suppliers, dealers, investors and partners

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    We mainstream all the business processes of the Company to ensure that the final result satisfies the requirements of our customers

    We provide our customers with reliable information about our products and cooperation conditions and guarantee that we fulfill our obligations.

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    The environment safety is one of the key corporate values of GAZ Group

    We are focused on becoming a clean and green company using modern approaches to production engineering. We undertake responsible approaches to the environment protection incrementally integrating resource-efficient and environment protecting technologies.

    We develop products with high environmental characteristics to reduce the impact of automotive vehicles on the health and live quality of people.

    We are also focused on supporting our partners and suppliers in order to improve the environmental characteristics of their facilities.

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    We aim at creating the best conditions of work and career promotion for our employees

    To improve the quality of their lives and of the lives of their families, to ensure social stability in the regions of our presence. We allocate maximum efforts and resources to ensure safety of our employees.