Code of Ethics

Code of Professional Ethics

GAZ Group has adopted a Code of Professional Ethics

Embodying a system of ethical values and a set of rules for each company employee. Abiding by core ethical values – such as respect of human rights, conscientiousness, integrity – is instrumental in attaining high standards of performance discipline, team work, it drives personal involvement of each in achieving company business targets.

There is a "Hot Line" operating in the Company that helps investigate violations of corporate ethical norms, reveal facts of misconduct harming the Company.


GAZ Group provides means to send an inquiry or message about a breach of professional ethics, conflict of interests, wrongdoing and other actions that are or may be damaging to GAZ Group.

Ways to communicate information:

  • инфографика

    message to electronic mail box

  • инфографика

    call on "Hot Line"

    8 800 100 55 80

    (all calls are free of charge, a message can be left on answerphone)

  • инфографика

    fax to telephone number

    8 800 100 55 80

  • инфографика

    letter to GAZ Group Ethical Officer

    (P/O box 43, 3a Poyusheva st., Nizhny Novgorod 603004).

  • инфографика

    Message through mobile application Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, sending SMS or MMC to the number

    8 910 100 88 55

GAZ Group "Hot Line" is open both for anonymous messages and undersigned ones or containing other identification of sender