Kurgan Bus Plant

Kurgan Bus Plant

Kurgan Bus Plant (KaVZ) specializes in production of middle class city, suburban and intercity buses.  The plant is located in Kurgan town. It was founded in 1958, in 2005 it was included in GAZ Group.


Kurgan Bus Plant (KaVZ) produces middle class city, suburban and intercity buses. The base model of the plant is middle class bus KaVZ-4235 and KaVZ-4238 in suburban, intercity and school version.

Sales geography

Kurgan bus plant is always expanding geography of bus supplies. Sales market covers not only Russia and CIS-countries, but non-CIS countries as well. For example, KaVZ buses now work in Latin America - on the routes of Nicaragua capital.

New developments

Within the time of implementation of federal and local programs “School bus” the plant supplied around 6 thous. buses of small and medium capacity to schools in 85 regions of the country.

In 2014 they started mass production of environmentally-friendly buses KaVZ-4238 CNG (suburban, intercity) and KaVZ-4270 CNG (city) that work on compressed natural gas.

Kurgan Bus plant became the first bus producing plant in Russia which developed a school bus in compliance with requirements of GOST R 51160-98 on buses for children transportation.

Having switched to production of middle class buses the plant continues production of school buses: a new version of bus for children transportation has been developed, KaVZ-4238-45.


Today the plant has all resources for constant updating a lineup of buses: the production is reconstructed, process flows are upgraded, new equipment with CNC control is utilized (cutting and bending pipes, laser cutting parts made of sheet metal).

Within the program of import products substitution the import engine on KaVZ-4235 has been substituted with modern domestic diesel engine YaMZ-534. Parallel they carry out tests aimed at adaptation of Yaroslavl engines to the bus KaVZ-4238.

The plant developes production of buses on gas fuel, as well as special-purpose vehicles.