Likino Bus Plant

Likino Bus Plant

Likino Bus Plant (LiAZ) is one of the largest manufacturers of large and extra-large class buses in Russia. The plant is situated in Likino-Dulevo, Moscow region and has been manufacturing buses since 1959. In 2005, the plant joined GAZ Group.


Likino Bus Plant specializes in development and production of medium, large and extra-large tourist, city and intercity buses including buses for disabled passengers, northern climate and hybrid buses, which also can be customized using various options.

LiAZ model range includes the full product line of city buses (9,5 – 18 m) running on diesel or CNG including low-floor variants. The plant’s product portfolio includes 15 basic models and approximately 60 variants with various equipment options. The buses comply with Euro-4 or Euro-5 emission standards, while the gas-powered model LiAZ-529271 complies with EEV standards (future Euro-6) to the maximum extent possible. Likino Bus Plant maintains leading position among Russian bus manufacturers in development and production of methane-fueled buses.

Most popular LiAZ models, which can be seen today on the Russian streets, are large-class buses used for public transportation services - LiAZ-5292 and LiAZ-5256 and their variants.

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Since 2014, intercity and tourist buses „Cruise“ and „Voyage“ have been built using Scania chassis at Likino Bus Plant. The both models were involved in Winter Olympics XXII and Paralympics XI in Sochi.

Sales coverage

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With its approx. share of 48% in the segment of large and extra-large buses, Likino Bus Plant dominates the Russian market.

LiAZ buses enjoy high demand on the part of transportation companies and private carriers involved in city and intercity passenger transportation services all over Russia. Strategic consumers are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and other Russian cities.

New developments

Likino Bus Plant is continuously and actively involved in developing and launching of new bus models on the market. In 2013, for example, a new low-floor bus LiAZ -529230 meeting all the relevant European standards was launched. 30 buses of that type were used for public transportation services during the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In 2014, LiAZ started its works in the segment of medium-class buses (9,5 m) being a quite new for LiAZ as well as successfully implemented a project for organization of production of intercity and tourist buses «Voyage», «Voyag L» and «Cruise» at its production facilities.

The plant launched serial production of city and suburban buses using a wide range of domestic and import components as well as powertrains complying with emission standards Euro-4, Euro-5 and higher.

Production process technologies

Over the past several years, an extensive technical revamp activities were carried out at Likino Bus Plant, which allowed the plant to build all its products within one production flow and improve quality and reliability of its products significantly. The plant is outfitted with state-of-the-art process equipment from Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. A unique anticorrosion treatment and body painting line from Geico, which includes 8 e-coating baths, 12 painting booths and 10 drying ovens, is a one of a kind in Russia.

The use of upgraded e-coating process, welding with special shielding gases as well as state-of-the-art process technologies allow the steel structure damaging to be prevented and the weld strength to be increased. These technologies enable painting in compliance with ISO9001 standard and ensure protection of body against rust-through corrosion for 12 years.

Cooperation with international manufacturers

Likino Bus Plant cooperates actively with leading global machine-building manufacturers. The plant’s key partner is Scania, one of the leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and engines worldwide.

Further development

Since 2015, the new product range of all GAZ Group bus plants has been consolidated under a single brand. Now, the new GAZ logo can also be seen on the new LiAZ products. Adopting of common brand for the new buses became a logical step that followed commonization of GAZ Group product lines.

LiAZ brand will be continued to be used for the existing model range until new models replace the classic LiAZ buses.