Ulianovsk Motor Plant (UMZ)

Ulianovsk Motor Plant (UMZ)

Ulyanovsk motor plant (UMZ) is one of the leading manufacturers of engines in Russia and key supplier of engines for light commercial vehicles of GAZ plant. The company was founded in 1944. During its history the plant has created around 100 models and versions of automobile engines.


Main products of Ulyanovsk motor plant - gasoline engines EvoTech 2.7 UMZ-4216 and their bi-fuel (gas-gasoline) versions. Engines are used on light commercial vehicles GAZ (GAzelle, Sobol). In general UMZ produces around 10 models of engines and 80 versions, as well as more than 1.5 thous. spare parts for them.

Design of UMZ engines allows its operation in the most severe conditions. High torque at low RPMs gives an advantage to the vehicle either on roads with steep slopes or in intensive traffic of city streets. In the city UMZ engine ensures better handleability and stable motion.

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Main advantage of Ulyanovsk motor plant engines - high reliability, safety, plant warranty, significant reduction of operating costs.

Development of production and lineup

In 2009 UMZ became one of the major engine manufacturers for the lineup of GAZ Group commercial vehicles.

In 2009 and 2010 powertrain UMZ-4216 was seriously upgraded for new versions of GAZelle Business and Sobol Business.

In 2010 the plant first in Russia started production of bi-fuel (gas-gasoline) engines on liquified gas.

In 2011 the new version appeared - with a drive of attachments which allowed installing an air-conditioning compressor for maintaining optimum temperature mode in the passenger compartment and more powerful generator for connection of additional electric equipment.

In 2012 they began to produce Euro-4 engines. In 2013 hydraulic lifters were implemented in the power train which allowed increasing life cycle of an engine, noise reduction and maintenance costs reduction.

In 2013 Ulyanovsk motor plant started production of bi-fuel engines UMZ-4216 on compressed natural gas - methane.

In 2014 big changes started at UMZ. They started to produce new engine EvoTech 2.7 for new generation of light commercial vehicles GAZelle NEXT. EvoTech is a joint development of GAZ Group and one of the leading international companies in power train engineering - Tenergy (South Korea). Its main features - high life cycle up to 400 thous. km, excellent traction and dynamic performance, reliable operation in harsh temperature conditions. In complies with Euro-4 and Euro-5 requirements. Starting 2015 gas-gasoline version EvoTech 2.7 on liquified gas has been produced.

Standards and quality

In 2015 Ulyanovsk Motor Plant confirmed compliance with international standard ISO 9001:208. At the moment they improve quality management system based on ISO/TS 16949 requirements.

All versions of engines produced at UMZ and spare parts to them have certificates of compliance with requirements of Technical regulation of Customs Union TR TS 018/2011 on safety of wheeled vehicles.