Yaroslavl Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Plant

Yaroslavl Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Plant

Yaroslavl Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Plant (YaZDA) is one of the leading companies of the Russian automotive industry producing fuel injection equipment. The plant built in the 70s of the last century for production of high pressure fuel pumps possesses the unique experience of manufacturing high-precision products, its own engineering school, modern technologies and is developing production competences in accordance with current requirements of the market. Since its founding, the plant has produced over 7.5 million pumps for diesel engines of various configurations.

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The company includes the facilities producing fuel injection equipment (machining, heat treatment and galvanic processes, assembly), as well as a modern engineering design center.


YaZDA is a leading Russian supplier of high pressure fuel pumps and fuel priming pumps for diesel engines installed on commercial vehicles, high-precision products (nozzles, sprayers, plunger couples) for fuel injection equipment, hydraulic products, springs, threaded inserts, spring rings, cutting tools.

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Since 2013, YaZDA has been producing Common Rail Euro-4 pumps installed in YaMZ engines. At the end of 2016, the company stared the mass production of electronic-controlled Euro-5 Common Rail fuel pumps that can be brought up to Euro-6.

Sales geography

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YaZDA supplies its produces to almost all the manufacturers of diesel engines in Russia and the CIS: Avtodiesel, KAMAZ, Altaidiesel, Minsk and Tutaev Motor Plants. YaZDA fuel injection equipment is installed in the engines of Ural, KAMAZ, MAZ, MZKT, BAZ trucks, LIAZ and NEFAZ buses, Rostselmash and Gomselmash harvesters, PTZ and Chetra tractors, and other vehicles.

New developments

Compliance with the Euro-5 and Euro-6 emissions standards requires the use of radically new fuel injection equipment providing for increased injection pressure, high fuel metering accuracy, flexible integral torque control and injection characteristics depending on the mode of operation of a diesel engine.

In 2016, YaZDA stared the production of Euro-5 Common Rail fuel pumps that can be brought up to Euro-6. The new fuel pump is a high-speed and powerful component adapted to the heavy operating conditions in Russia. The tests of the pump installed on an engine have confirmed its high reliability. This is the first Russian development of Common Rail fuel equipment of the Euro-5 standard.

The production of the new pumps involves over 60 units of modern technological equipment of the leading international manufacturers - DMG-Mori Seiki, Rosler, Durr, etc. The production is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO/TS 16949 system. The project investments amount to about 500 million rubles, 200 million rubles out of which are the discounted loan co-financing of the Industry Development Fund.

The pumps have been tested on modern testing rigs put into operation at the end of 2014. The operation of the pumps and their components has been tested in all the possible modes including in excess of the nominal parameters. The new product complies with the technical level of modern foreign equivalents but it is better adapted to the Russian conditions and more affordable.

The Common Rail systems are applied to the engines used in the automobile, tractor and ship building, as well as in the agricultural and special machine building. The products have a high exports potential. The YaMZ-530 Euro-5 engines with YaZDA Common Rail pumps are designed for GAZon Next light-duty trucks, PAZ and LIAZ buses, industrial power sets and road construction vehicles. The Yaroslavl pumps as part of the Common Rail fuel injection equipment have passed certification tests mounted on KAMAZ engines.

Production technologies

The YaZDA operations are based on the GAZ production system developed on the basis of the principles of Toyota Product System. The lean manufacturing system was implemented in the company in 2005 after YaZDA became part of GAZ Group. The GAZ production system provides for increased production efficiency with maximum focus on the consumer, excluding all types of losses and involving every employee in production improvement.

For the recent years, YaZDA has been seriously modernized within the framework of preparation for production of new types of fuel injection, which covered all the key production processes: machining, heat treatment, assembly.

Achievements in the field of quality contribute significantly to strengthening of the market positions and sustainable development of YaZDA. The quality management system of the plant is certified in accordance with the norms of GOST R ISO/TU 16949-2009. The plant team has won the prestigious all-Russian competition "100 Best Russian Enterprises" more than once. YaZDA was awarded with the honorary title of the laureate of competition "Russian Quality Leader."

Training and development

For the purposes of development of the modern manufacturing technologies and professional development of employees in the most demanded professions, YaZDA runs modern educational programs such as the School of Production Managers aimed at development of personal competencies and professional level of the shop managers and deputy shop managers, the Production Leader School, etc.

YaZDA has an effective motivation system aimed at increasing the employees’ interest in the results of their work, attraction and retention of highly qualified specialists and prospective young employees.