Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ) Autodiesel

Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ) Autodiesel is the largest Russian motor manufacturer.

Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ) Autodiesel

The plant was established in 1916 by the Emperor’s decree as an enterprise to assemble passenger cars and ambulances for the first world war. In the early stages of development the factory specialized in the release of trucks, dump trucks, trolleybuses and other types of vehicles. In 1958 the factory was renamed to Yaroslavl Motor and fully focused on the development of the production of diesel engines.

In early 2000-ies YaMZ became a part of the engineering assets of Oleg Deripaska, which, since the year 2005 merged into a holding company for the production of commercial vehicles GAZ Group.

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Today, YaMZ is a leading domestic designer and manufacturer of multi-purpose engines, clutches, gearboxes, spare parts for them, as well as stationary units on their base.


Yaroslavl engines are installed on more than 300 models of vehicles and special-purpose products made in Russia and CIS countries. YaMZ engines are installed on trucks, line haul trains, rigid dump trucks, buses, tractors and combine harvesters, road construction equipment, as well as diesel-electric stations.

  • YMZ-530 - a family of 4- and 6-cylinder medium in-line engines having a displacement of 4.43 l and 6.65 l (105x128 mm) and a power output of 120-330 HP, compliant with Euro-4 and Euro-5 specifications, about 200 different engine versions are available, diesel fuel and methane powered;

    — YMZ-650 - a family of 6-cylinder heavy in-line engines having a displacement of 11.12 l  (123x156 mm) and a power output of 311-412 HP, compliant with Euro-4 and Euro-5 specifications, about 10 different engine versions and over 155 configurations are available;

  • V-shape - family of 8-and 12-cylinder heavy diesel engines with displacement of 11.15, 14.86 and 22.3 l (130x140 mm) with a capacity of 150-500 HP, 60 models and more than 250 configurations, including 6 and 8-cylinder engines of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards;
  • V-shape - family of 12-cylinder family of heavy diesel engines with displacement of 25.86 l (140 x 140 mm) with a capacity of 440-800 HP, 10 models, more than 50 configurations;
  • gearboxes - two families, 15 models, 60 configurations, 5-,6-, 8-, 9- gears;
  • clutch - 2 types (20 configurations);
  • diesel-generator units - 5 models of 60-315 kW capacity;
  • spare parts - over 4500 items for all models of YaMZ engines and power units.
  • inline 4-cylinder engines OM-646 with displacement of 2.2 l (88x88.3 mm), with a capacity of 109 HP, Euro-4 and Euro-5, for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic (produced in contract manufacturing mode with the localization of production of basic components).

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YaMZ is a Center for engineering and manufacturing competencies, industry leader in localization of a modern component base for Russian machine building industry.

Sales geography

Geography of sales of products of Yaroslavl Motor Plant - all Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries. YaMZ share in the Russian market is over 40%. Currently YMZ products are exported to more than 20 countries, spare parts are exported to 41 countries.

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The company has a well-developed dealer network in Russia and abroad: there are more than 160 authorized dealers and more than 350 certified service centers.

This allows for quick and effective assistance at all stages: from service within the warranty period to overhaul. All centres use modern diagnostic equipment, tools and original spare parts, service and repair work is carried out by highly qualified personnel.

Key projects

Project YaMZ-530

Leading investment project of Autodiesel - production of inline medium four-and six-cylinder diesel engines YaMZ-530 with the capacity from 120 to 330 HP, Euro-4 and Euro-5, with the potential for Euro-6. The engines are designed for use on a wide range of machines, including automotive, tractor and agricultural vehicles, power units for industrial applications.

The engines are manufactured at one of the most sophisticated production sites in Europe. The factory with total area of 57 000 sq. m. is equipped with modern technological and engineering equipment. The production is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international quality system ISO/TS 16949. The level of automation of the technological complex reaches 90%. The engineering infrastructure ensures compliance with the most stringent requirements to production environment cleanliness, temperature, pressure, illumination, noise and vibration. Production capacity is 20 000 per year, expandable to 50 000. Investment in the project is about 11 billion rubles.

Production of diesel versions of engines YaMZ-530 started in 2012, production of methane engines - in November 2016, the official start of production of gas engines YaMZ-530 was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gas engines YaMZ-530 are designed for equipment manufactured by the enterprises of GAZ Group, as well as products of other manufacturers in the Russian and foreign markets.

Within the framework of the project on the organisation of manufacture of diesel and gas engines YaMZ-530 there is localization of components, including high-tech ones, with the location of production at the Russian enterprises. Currently GAZ Group has localized a number of components that were previously manufactured in Europe, including an engine block casting, a crankshaft forging, a turbocharger, a camshaft and other components. YMZ-530 components localization allows ensuring competitive pricing keeping the global standard quality, reducing the dependence of the company's economic performance on foreign currency rate fluctuations and increasing production volumes of Russian suppliers.

YaMZ-650 project

Autodizel is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines. The factory produces inline heavy diesel engines YaMZ-650 using modern automated equipment based on the technological license of Renault Trucks. The engines are designed to be used on vehicles, tractors, chassis, highway trucks, dump trucks, as well as on diesel-generator units.

Engines of YaMZ-650 family are produced since 2007. Basic models and modifications of YaMZ-650 family are represented in the power range of 311-412 HP and meet the requirements of Euro-4 and Euro-5. Powerful, reliable YaMZ-650 engines correspond to world trends in engine production.

Production technologies

The basis of activity of the plant is GAZ production system, developed on the basis of the principles of the Toyota Product System and introduced at the Yaroslavl Motor plant in 2005 year. This lean production system allows to increase production efficiency with maximum focus on the consumer, excluding all types of losses involving every employee in the organization of improvements in the workplace. In recent years the company carried out major upgrading in the framework of the implementation of new projects, thus significantly upgraded its technological equipment. Research and experimental base of the enterprise today is one of the best in our country and has new, modern test facilities.

Cooperation with international manufacturers

Yaroslavl motor plant cooperates with a number of foreign manufacturers, mastering the best world standards of engine. So, when designing YaMZ-530 engineering services of the Austrian company AVL List GmbH were involved. Within the framework of cooperation with Daimler the production of OM-646 engine is organized at YaMZ for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, produced at the Gorky automobile plant GAZ Group.

Training and development, social programs

Within the YaMZ-530 project there is a team formed of employees with great potential for development, high educational and qualification level (higher education-72%, skills and methods of the international system ISO/TS 16949-100%). For staff development YaMZ implements programs: “School of production unit managers", "School of leaders”. YaMZ implements education projects involving young professionals - students of profile industry institutes to the production. The enterprise has implemented social programs aimed at improving the production environment, improvement of health of staff and their families, support for veterans, youth, and multi-child families.