«GAZ Group» and Bulten opened a joint venture for the production of fasteners for the automotive industry


 «GAZ Group» and the Swedish manufacturer of fasteners Bulten opened at Gorky Automobile Plant the Joint Venture «Bulten –Rus»  The new venture by the production of parts of automotive fasteners became the first production site of Bulten in Russia.

In accordance with the cooperation agreement of «GAZ Group» and the company Bulten, signed in 2012, the « Bulten -Rus» will be engaged in the development and manufacture of fasteners for the automotive industry in Russia and the CIS. In particular, the company's products will be supplied to foreign automakers, localizing their productions in Russia.  

GAZ provides for the project realization its manufacturing competence and infrastructure. Company Bulten, by supplying fasteners for companies of the global automotive industry and by having an interest in expanding of business in Russia, is responsible for the product development, introduction of new technologies and distribution. Total investment of GAZ and Bulten in a new production was 12 million Euro. Opening of the joint venture at the Gorky Automobile Plant will create 130 new jobs.  

As part of a joint venture organization it was modernized 12.5 thousand sq. m of production space, at the site of GAZ it was installed new equipment made in Italy, Japan and China for the provision of all stages of production of a full cycle of fasteners - cold heading, thread rolling and heat treatment. Annual production capacity «Bulten-Rus» is from 6 to 8 thousand tons, depending on the range, the starting capacity – is 4000 tons.  

As the president of «GAZ Group»  Vadim Sorokin, said the products of «Bulten-Rus» will be used in the production of a new family of commercial vehicles GAZ - Next, and it will be also supplied to other automakers in Russia.  

 «Opportunities of Bulten in the production of high quality fasteners made the company a leading player in the automotive industry. Bulten has production facilities in Sweden, Germany, Poland and China. «Bulten-Rus» will be the fifth production of the group and it allow us to offer high quality fasteners in the CIS markets»  - said the president and the CEO of Bulten, Tommy Andersson.