«GAZ Group» delivered «Business Gazelle» on gas to the Russian post


«GAZ Group» delivered to the trial operation of the Russian Post cars «Gazelle Business CNG» that are running on compressed natural gas (CNG).

«The transport parc of the Russian Post – is one of the largest in Russia. Therefore, the reduction in fuel costs and improve of environmental performance – are tasks that are constantly in the center of our attention», - said the head of the Department of Transport of the Russian Post, Sergei Zimin. 

The use of natural gas reduces fuel costs by 60% compared to gasoline and 50% compared with a diesel fuel. 

«Transfer of transport to gas fuel – is efficient way to improve the competitiveness of companies and the Russian economy as a whole», - says the executive director of project development CNG corporation «Russian Machines», Petr Zolotarev. - Interaction of the fuel companies, vehicle manufacturers, equipment suppliers, corporate clients and small businesses can count on the rapid growth of the share of gas vehicles in the transport system of Russia.

According to Director of Sales and Marketing Division «Light Commercial Vehicles» of «GAZ Group», Oleg Markov, since 2010 GAZ produces serially the cars with bi-fuel gas-petrol engines. «Demand for these vehicles is growing constantly, today they have 10-12% of our sales in the segment of light commercial vehicles. The transition to natural gas increases the economic efficiency of vehicle parcs and it allows our customers to reduce significantly the payback period of the investment», - he says. 

As part of the car «Business Gazelle CNG» - there are four gas cylinders with a capacity of 53.4 liters with a maximum operating pressure of 200 atm. Reserve of run on a gaseous fuel is 300 km, and on gas and petrol - 700 km. The vehicles is equipped with a single engine control unit with the air flow sensor that ensures smooth switching from one fuel to another, and also it supports the optimum ratio of air and gas in a combustible mixture. 

Partnership of «GAZ Group» with the leading manufacturers of compressed gas systems: the Italian company OMVL and Russian NPP «ITELMA», as well as full test, prior the launch of gas modifications into production, permitted to provide the maximum reliability of the equipment and optimal calibration of the engine of a vehicle «Gazelle Business CNG». All system components are certified, according to the requirements of UNECE Regulation 67 (01) and they were approved for use in the EU.