GAZ Group Develops New Bus Models

GAZ Group being a member of Basic Element a Russian largest diversified industrial groups, shows new Vecto-3 and LiAZ-4292 medium bus at the «Bus World-2015” exhibition. Both buses are developed for operations at low passenger flow routes. GAZ Group also shows Cruise tourist bus. The event is carried out within the framework of the 8th International Automotive Vehicle Festival on 12-15 May in Kolomna, Moscow Region.

GAZ Group shows new Bector-3, LiAZ-4292 medium bus and Cruise tourist bus at the «Bus World 2015» exhibition. Vector-3 is designed on Isuzu chassis and has 3-seat-raw arrangement; it is distinguished by high maneuver capability and smaller dimensions. Low-floor LiAZ-4292 bus has a length of 9.5 m and retains all the competitive advantages of large vehicles: these are body kneeling towards the doors, electronic suspension control, etc. Serial production of Vector-3 and LiAZ-4292 starts in 2015. 

Vector-3, a small city and suburban bus, has a 3-seat-row arrangement of the passenger compartment. The body is 196cm wide, which assures high maneuver capability on road. The new model combines reliability of Isuzu chassis that is proven by year-long testing and modern exterior. The vehicle is designed to carry 33 passengers including 30 seats. Vector-3 on Isuzu chassis is equipped with E4 engine of 123 h.p. and manual Isuzu gearbox. High engine torque (354 at 1,500 min.) allows for excellent ease of steering. The bus shows efficient economic indicators such as low fuel consumption, maintenance frequency of 15 thous. km, availability of spare parts, balanced lifetime of the body and powertrain. Panaramic front glazing broadens the driver’s and passengers’ vision. It can have such additional options as internal and external video recorder, digital tachograph, GLONASS/GPS, air conditioner, audio system, fog lamps, tinted glass, automatic valves for receiver water drainage, different passenger seat options, metallic body painting, etc. 

LiAZ-4292, a low-floor city bus, is a prototype of a medium bus to be produced at GAZ Group Likino Bus Plant. LiAZ-4292 can carry 75 passengers including 18 seats and one seat for low-mobility persons. The bus is equipped with YaMZ E5 diesel engine with 210 h.p., automatic ZF gearbox and axles. The vehicle is outfitted with video surveillance, fire extinguishing system, digital tachograph and GLONASS navigation equipment. The upgraded bus exterior and interior, and driver’s seat are designed in compliance with the international comfort and ergonomics requirements. Low floor allows for easy passenger access to and from the bus, thus, reducing the route time by 15% compared with other bus models. The bus can be used for transportation of low-mobility passengers: it is equipment with the kneeling system (body tilting towards the doors by 7°), and manual wheelchair ramp. Electronic suspension control allows slightly raise and lower the bus to pass complicated route areas. 

Cruise bus on Scania chassis complies with the E5 standard. The bus places 45 passengers and is ideal both for long tourist and intercity routes. The bus is equipped with Scania engine with 400 h.p. The increased luggage compartments (10 cub. m), electronic suspension control that allows slightly raise and lower the bus to pass complicated route areas, individual service modules for passengers assure passenger comfort at long-distance trips. The bus has a wide range of options: fire extinguishing of the engine and luggage compartments, fog sensors in the passenger compartment, five video surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi, onboard navigation and communication terminal that assures connection with the traffic control station, etc. The basic version includes double glazing, climate control, cruise control, onboard computer, digital tachograph, electronic side window heating, Opticruise  automatic gearbox control drive, safety belts. Cruise buses were used for transportation during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.