«GAZ Group» will take part in the international exhibition of car components


«GAZ Group", which is part of one of Russia's largest diversified industrial group "Basic Element", will take part in the 19th international exhibition of spare parts, car components, equipment and products for car maintenance «MIMS Automechanika Moscow».

The main exhibit booth of AC Division will show the front suspension of the NEXT vehicle. For the first time the cylinder block of the engine and the medium in-line engine and elements of caterpillars for off-road vehicles will be presented in the exhibition. The exhibition will be held from 24 to 27 August in Moscow "Expocentre" (Booth "GAZ Group" - C 661, Hall 2, Pavilion 2).

«GAZ Group» will take part in the 19th International Exhibition «MIMS Automechanika Moscow». The main exhibit of "GAZ Group" will be the front suspension of "Gazelle NEXT» and its components (including blanks for their manufacture).

Suspension of «Gazelle NEXT» is completely independent. Double wishbone modular design provides a smooth ride, excellent steering and driving ability even when driving on rough roads, a high level of active safety. In this case, the reliability of the NEXT independent suspension is not inferior to the classic spring-type one. ZF power-steering and Mando brakes are integrated into the suspension. Maintenance-free ball bearings and hinges increase the reliability of the suspension and reduce maintenance cost. Suspension is adapted for the installation of anti-lock braking system ABS and electronic stability system ESP.

Also in the exhibit booth there will be presented the rear axle of «Gazelle», a part of the front suspension of «Sobol», complete wheels with tires, sets of main gear, the engine block of medium in-line engine, the elements of the caterpillars for off-road vehicles and three thematic sections of blank production - two casting (iron and aluminum casting), and blacksmithing. Products of Casting & Forging Production is represented by blanks for the automotive and other industries (products for urban amenities, road cosmetics, products for Railways).

Kirill Epstein, director of Automotive Components Division of GAZ Group:

- «MIMS Automechanika Moscow» is one of the largest exhibition events in automotive components industry. We present new models of the entire spectrum of our product range - automotive components and semi-finished products for their production as well as products for other industries. In a falling market development and manufacture of new products allows us to expand the range of customers and to increase the competitiveness of the automotive components business. Our competence in the production of automotive components is already appreciated by international manufacturers, among them there are such companies as Volkswagen and Skoda, Ford, Mitsubishi. We are confident that visitors of «MIMS Automechanika Moscow» will not only visit our booth, but also will become our partners.