Automobile plant Ural celebrates the 75-th anniversary

Ural automobile plant of GAZ Group is celebrating the75-th anniversary since its foundation. Established in 1941, the automobile plant is today the leading manufacturer of off-road trucks in Russia. Full-wheel drive trucks roll off the lines with the payload capacity from 4 to 23 tons, as well as shift buses with passenger capacity from 22 to 30 seats and cargo-passenger trucks. During 75 years, Ural automobile plant has produced more than half a million trucks that are now running on the roads around the world.

Automobile plant Ural celebrates the 75-th anniversary Ural automobile plant celebrates the 75-th anniversary of its establishment. The product line of the automobile plant Ural includes four-wheel-drive trucks and chassis with wheel formulas 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8 with the payload capacity ranging from 4 to 23 tons; shift buses on the base of four-wheel-drive vehicles "Ural" with wheel formulas 4 x 4 and 6 x 6, as well as cargo-passenger trucks. High efficiency in operation, functionality, reliability and maintainability, cross-country capacities on the verge of the impossible for wheeled vehicles provide wide applicability of the trucks in construction, oil and gas extraction sectors, forestry work, agriculture, mining and other industries. The chassis of "Ural" serve as the basis for creating more than 400 versions of special vehicles, including shift trucks, cranes, tank trucks, tankers, fire trucks, mobile repair shops, etc.

The history of the automobile plant Ural started on November 30, 1941- on that day the USSR State Defense Committee decided to establish in Miass auto-motor and foundry production sites evacuated from Moscow automobile plant named after Stalin (ZIS). As a matter of urgency, production buildings were erected in Miass, the first shop of the new factory was launched into operation in March 1942, and in April 1942 the first engines and gearboxes were assembled.

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The first Ural truck ZIS-5V, popularly nicknamed "Zakhar", rolled off the assembly line on July 8, 1944. The 2-axle drop-side truck with the payload capacity of 3 t had a simplified design for the purposes of cost effectiveness and ease of operation and its chassis served as the platform for tankers, field workshops, pontoon carriers, etc. The successors of ZIS-5V were UralZis-355M, three-axle automobiles Ural-375, diesel Ural-4320 that became the basis for the development of a whole family of trucks.

The Ural trucks were always distinguished for such features as reliability, endurance, increased cross-country capabilities. The Ural cars regularly participate in elimination of consequences of natural disasters in various parts of the world. In spring 2005, Ural off-roaders were engaged in rescue operations in Indochina: Miass trucks transported over one thousand ton of food and medications and were used for sorting through the rubble. In September 2005, Ural trucks worked in New Orleans (United States) dealing with the effects of the hurricane Catherina. In 2005, on the coast of Mexico, Ural trucks helped to mitigate the effects of the tropical storm Stan and the hurricane Vilma, in 2013 they eliminated the effects of the tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel. Ural trucks helped to negotiate the water barriers, to transport the victims, to evacuate other vehicles. Starting from 2012, an Ural truck is working in Antarctica on the scientific base of the Republic of Uruguay Artigas and is used in research of the Mainland. In August-September 2013 and 2016, Ural trucks came to the aid of the people in disaster areas in Amur, Zabaikaliye and Chelyabinsk region.

In early 2000-ies, Ural automobile plant became part of the machine-building assets owned by Oleg Deripaska (GAZ Group from 2005). Thanks to the investments in development, introduction of a unique system of lean production, expansion of the product range in line with consumer requirements, development of the distribution network, Ural automobile plant today is one of the leaders of the Russian market of trucks and one of the largest domestic truck exporters.

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The synergy from being a plant-member of GAZ Group gave the maximum effect in the newly developed product launched into production in 2015 - Ural NEXT. Development of Ural NEXT was the result of successful interaction between the plants and engineering services of GAZ Group. The cabin for the new generation of Ural all-terrain vehicles was developed in the United Engineering Center of the company based on GAZon NEXT cabin, serial production of the cabin module for Ural is conducted at the facilities of the Gorky car factory in the same flow as the cabins of other GAZ automobiles, YAMZ-536 engines installed into Ural trucks were developed at Yaroslavl Motor Plant of GAZ Group. Ural NEXT truck combines the legendary cross-country capabilities of Miass off-roaders with a modern level of comfort, reliability and safety. In 2016, Ural truck was awarded the title of the Truck of the year in the most prestigious contest in the commercial vehicles segment - the Best Commercial Vehicle of the year in Russia.

The quality of the products made at Ural is controlled using advanced technologies and tools implemented throughout GAZ Group plants. In particular, Ural plant is using the CSA audit (Customer satisfaction audit, audit through the eyes of the consumer), allowing to perform an independent assessment of the quality of the vehicle from the standpoint of the client. The quality management system of the enterprise is certified to meet the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008, preparing for the transition to a more stringent standard ISO/TS 16949.

The service and sales network of the automobile plant Ural in Russia and CIS countries includes 30 certified sales centers and 73 spare parts sales centers. In the segment of AWD vehicles of the Russian Federation, the automobile plant Ural occupies around 35% of the market. About 30% of the products are shipped to CIS and non-CIS countries.