GAZ Group Got Daimler AG Quality Award

Yaroslavl-based engine plant Avtodiesel controlled by GAZ Group received Daimler AG Quality Award. This award is the recognition of high production quality delivered by Autodiesel and its partnership approach toward cooperation. The Quality Award was granted to Avtodiesel as a result of cooperation with Daimler AG in the serial production of engines for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic launched in Yaroslavl.

GAZ Group Got Daimler AG Quality Award GAZ Group’s Yaroslavl-based engine plant Avtodiesel received Daimler AG Quality Award. The award is given for what Avtodiesel has been and is doing to produce high-quality components for the flagship of the small tonnage unit of Mercedes-Benz in Russia and provide services in accordance with Daimler’s efficiency and quality standards. According to the results of expert assessment by The RF Chamber of Commerce Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic vehicles totally comply with the requirements of locally manufactured products.  The most significant contribution was made by Yaroslavl engine plant.

The production of OM646 engines started at Yaroslavl engine plant in 2013. The plant includes an assembly line which under the supervision of Daimler AG manufactures OM646 diesel engines for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic. These engines are used in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic vehicles produced by Gorky automobile plant of GAZ Group. In addition to the assembly operations, Yaroslavl engine plant also does the machining of the engine’s key parts and tests complete OM646 engines.

In January 2016, Mercedes-Benz Vans in Russia launched the serial production of engines in Yaroslavl that comply with Euro-5 emission standard. The new highly fuel-efficient engines are used in all models of Sprinter Classic. With the adoption of a higher emission standard many of the engine systems were improved. GAZ Group is the sole supplier of components for these engines to Daimler AG. Camshafts, cylinder blocks and cylinder heads are exported from Yaroslavl engine plant to the Global Logistics Center of Mercedes-Benz.

The engines for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic are produced at the same site in Yaroslavl which makes YaMZ-530 medium in-line engines. This is one of the most advanced production sites in Europe. The plant with the total area of 57 thous. sq. m. and equipped with modern technological and engineering machinery was put into operation in 2012. The automation level of the technological complex reaches 90%. The engineering infrastructure allows fulfillment of the most stringent requirements to the work environment in terms of cleanliness, temperature, pressure, lighting, noise and vibrations. During the implementation of the project at Yaroslavl engine plant a project team was created consisting of employees with a considerable potential for development, high educational and professional level. The total investment in the construction of the plant amounts to 11 billion rubles.

Manfred Eibeck, CEO of Russian Machines Corporation:

– Quality of products and production process is the highest priority in our cooperation with Daimler at our sites in Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl. We are proud of the award we’ve received and are happy to continue this work with top quality. The award confirms that the team of our specialists ensures full compliance of our products with the requirements of our partner.

Soeren Haese, General Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans in Russia:

– Local production of Sprinter Classic allowed Mercedes-Benz Vans to become No. 3 among top Russian LCV manufacturers. Its body is produced in Nizhny Novgorod, but its heart – the powerful and efficient engine - comes from Yaroslavl. Implementation and adherence to Daimler’s high quality standards at both production lines have helped Sprinter Classic to become so popular in Russia.

Andrew Matyushin, Director of Yaroslavl engine plant:

– I would like to thank our partner for the quality award that is very important for us as recognition of the success of our joint project. The specialists of Yaroslavl engine plant have implemented modern international quality system IATF 16949 and together with Daimler specialists we are 100 percent controlling the engine quality at all the stages of the production process.

Andreas Rein, Head of Quality management Mercedes-Benz Vans:

– Autodiesel plant has everything to be successful– partnership, quality and flexibility. In 2013 we introduced Daimler quality standards at each stage of the engine production process and trained the staff in Moscow and at Mercedes-Benz plants in Germany. I am happy to give this award to a Russian supplier that has shown high respect and understanding of Daimler’s quality processes and policies and introduced them into day-to-day operations.