GAZ Group increases the warranty period of spare parts for YMZ engines

YMZ increases the warranty period for in-house spare parts for YMZ engines. Starting July 1, the warranty will be increased from six up to twelve months. The enhanced servicing terms and conditions are achieved through increase in the product quality and durability.

YMZ made a decision on the double increase in the warranty period for in-house spare parts for YMZ engines. The company has also improved the quality of spare part packaging: in the near future Avtodiesel with use packaging of higher density, which will allow for better insurance of spare part integrity during transportation to the customers and reduce the risks of product damaging at warehouses and dealer’s outlets. Moreover, it is planned to improve the terms and conditions of product conservation including application of special anti-corrosion agent to parts. All novelties are required to enhance competitiveness of YMZ products.

YMZ produces 2.5 thous. spare part items sold by 161 dealer centres in the RF and CIS, as well as single outlets in all the Russian regions.

Konstantin Rukhani, Director of the GG PT Division:

- Application of original spare parts made by YMZ allow for high reliability and endurance of engine operation in comparison with the counterfeit products, the application of which might result in engine damaging and endanger safe operation of vehicles. Development of the spare part range and enhancement of servicing terms and conditions are carried out on the basis of the customer and dealer satisfaction monitoring to identify acute market needs.