GAZ Group introduced a new range of NEXT vehicles at an exhibition in Bolivia

GAZ Group introduced a range of NEXT vehicles at Expocruz 2017 annual international trade fair in Bolivia. For the first time in this country GAZ Group has shown GAZelle NEXT van, GAZon NEXT medium-duty truck, Ural NEXT dumper, Vector NEXT bus, as well as GAZelle NEXT dropside truck that is already available on the Bolivian market. Bolivian Auto Motors is the official distributor of GAZ Group vehicles in Bolivia. The fair will be held from September 22 to October 1.

GAZ Group introduced a new range of NEXT vehicles at an exhibition in Bolivia GAZ Group introduced a range of NEXT vehicles at Expocruz 2017 annual international trade fair in Bolivia. Exposition of GAZ Group shows modern approaches to development of commercial transport and offers a wide model range of reliable and functional vehicles.

Leonid Dolgov, Director for Export of GAZ Group:

“Bolivia is one of our key markets in Latin America where we export a range of GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicles. At Expocruz 2017 we focused on models that are currently not represented in Bolivia, yet they have huge potential as the market needs reliable, affordable, comfortable and functional commercial vehicles for driving in severe climate and road conditions. Following the results of the fair and negotiations with our partners we plan to start launch of these products on the Bolivian market quite soon.”

GAZelle NEXT dropside truck has frame structure that ensures reliability of the vehicle and opportunity to drive the truck in severe road conditions at heavy load as well as allows to install a wide range of specialized superstructures required for various types of businesses in the vehicle. Vehicle load capacity is 1.5 t, gross weight is 3.5 t. Independent lever front suspension provides high traveling comfort and excellent handling. Information capacity and handling rates of rack-and-pinion steering gear are the same as those of best world LCV vehicles. Dual-circuit brake system with front disc braking systems and larger diameter of brake pads has a three-fold margin of safety. The truck is equipped with Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine.

GAZelle NEXT all-metal van is produced in two modifications: a cargo van or a cargo-passenger combi van. Body space of the cargo van is 13.5 m3; body space of the cargo-passenger van is 9.5 m3. Easy access to the cargo compartment allows quick and simple loading and unloading of the vehicle. Rear doors are blocked in the interim position of 90 degrees and in case of full opening at 270 degrees ensuring high maneuverability even in the narrow city streets. Basic configurations of the vehicle include lining of the van side walls made of high-strength plastic and the floor coating made of the special waterproof and wear-resistant plywood, that protect the cargo compartment from wear and damage. Strengthened cross members and additional reinforcement units installed in the frame guarantee maximum rigidity and reliability of the vehicle structure, especially in bad road conditions.

GAZelle NEXT van offers seats for 16 people. Panoramic windows of the cabin allow full view. Design of the cabin includes high side door aperture and low step to ensure that passengers get in and out of the bus with comfort. Additional heaters and the air conditioner provide optimal climate inside the van in any weather conditions. Increased body rigidity and crumple zones included in the design of power elements guarantee safety of passengers and a driver.

GAZon NEXT truck is a new-generation medium-duty cargo vehicle intended to transport cargoes both within the city and between cities. Vehicle load capacity is up to 5 t, gross weight is 8.7 t. The vehicle is equipped with an efficient pneumatic brake system with disk brakes for front and rear wheels. Integral steering provides for high information capacity and good driveability at application of small force to the steering wheel. Front suspension is equipped with extended springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar, thus providing high travelling comfort and road stability when driving on a high speed. Simplicity of installing special superstructures allows creating different modifications of specialty vehicles on GAZon NEXT chassis, for example, dump trucks, multipurpose road maintenance vehicles, food and fuel storage tanks, repair cars and reach stackers. The vehicle is produced with two cabin versions: standard (3 seats) and double-row (seats for up to 7 passengers) as well as with two versions of the wheelbase – standard and extended.

Ural NEXT dumper is a heavy offroad vehicle (wheel arrangement is 6×6) with the body space of 10.5 m3 and load capacity of 10 t intended to transport bulk cargoes at construction sites. Ural NEXT vehicles are equipped with YMZ-536 engines with a power of 312 hp. Excellent handling and cross-country capacity of the vehicle are provided due to constant all-wheel drive, tires with regulated pressure that allow to change pressure from the driver’s cabin, axle differential locks in the transfer box and wheel differentials of intermediate and rear axles. Use of ZF 9-speed gearbox, a transfer box with speed reduction gearing and the engine with a power of 312 hp ensures steady driving at minimum speed as well as high towing force in off-road conditions. Ural NEXT dumper has a spacious three-man cabin equipped with an air conditioner and electrical heating of the windshield and mirrors. Conventional cab configuration ensures high passive safety of a driver and a passenger.

Vеctor NEXT bus is a new generation of multifunctional buses produced using GAZon NEXT chassis and equipped with YMZ-534 Euro-5 engines. World best technical solutions as well as modern materials and components were used in the design of Vеctor NEXT buses. Vеctor NEXT buses are intended to transport 43-53 passengers; these buses offer improved ergonomics of the driver’s seat, separate cabin air conditioning system as well as improved sound insulation system. Buses are equipped with electronic route indicators and a display with scrolling route information. Buses are produced in various configurations and depending on arrangement of the cabin they can be used on city, suburban and inter-city routes.