GAZ Group Presented New Generation Ebus

GAZ Group presented the GAZ ebus of new generation within the framework of the ExpoCityTrans-2016 Show. The model has been developed based on low-floor large city bus LIAZ-5292 with support of the Moscow State Technical University and Siemens. The new product was handed over to Mosgortrans for trial operation.

GAZ Group Presented New Generation Ebus GAZ Group presented the GAZ ebus of new generation based on low-floor city bus LIAZ-5292 within the framework of the ExpoCityTrans-2016 Show. The ebus development was ordered by Mosgortrans. The documents on trial operation of the bus were signed by GAZ Group President Vadim Sorokin and MGT General Director Evgeny Mikhailov.

The concept of a new ebushas been developed with engagement of experts from the Moscow State Technical University who joined efforts with the design centre of GAZ Group to determine the energy balance and optimal driving modes along the routes of the capital.


Innovative solutions of Siemens were used to develop the drive unit and software. High level of commonality of the ebus with the LIAZ product mix has been preserved to achieve the maximum cost efficiency for the carrier in operation and maintenance.

The capacity of the ebus is 90 passengers including 27 seats, and fasteners for three wheelchairs. The vehicles meeting the global emissions standard - Zero Emission which means complete absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The ebus has a metal unibody of wagon type with improved corrosion resistance due to e-coating.

The ebus is equipped with lithium-manganese batteries with high energy capacity and increased life-cycle - up to 5 thousand charge/discharge cycles, which provides for the daily mileage increased up to 200 km when using the modular charging solution. This solution means a long overnight charge of the ebus and two or three short recharges for 20-30 minutes at the endpoints of the route.


Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

- The GAZ ebus is an innovative product developed in close partnership with the Department of Transport of Moscow and major carriers of the Moscow Region on the basis of the advanced requirements of the capital to the public transportation system. The ebus is not only the most safe, environmentally friendly and cost efficient mode of transportation but also a product fully meeting the high requirements to the vehicles of the future. The ebus is part of the smart bus strategy for which GAZ Group has been developing new technical solutions for passenger transportations to contribute to the most effective organization of passenger transportations in big cities of Russia. Further development of the GAZ Group project for development of electric vehicles will fully satisfy the demands of modern megapolises for such vehicles.