GAZ Group presents a line of vehicles and special vehicles at the exhibition “Oil and gas of Turkmenistan 2016”

GAZ Group presents a wide range of vehicles for the oil and gas industries at the 21-st international exhibition “Oil and gas of Turkmenistan 2016”. The exhibits of the company include a minibus Gazelle NEXT, class B ambulance based on Gazelle NEXT, an off-road vehicle Vepr, mobile service shops based on 4 x 4 Sobol and on a medium duty truck GAZon NEXT. The vehicles presented at the exhibition are equipped with different types of engines: gas, petrol, diesel. The exhibition is held in Ashgabat from 7 till 9 of December.

GAZ Group presents a line of vehicles and special vehicles  at the exhibition “Oil and gas of Turkmenistan 2016” GAZ Group presents a line of cars for the oil and gas industry within the 21-st international exhibition “Oil and gas of Turkmenistan 2016”.

The new GAZelle Next microbus based on the metal panel van is characterized by its modern design, a high level of comfort, good functionality and the best-in-class price. The bus is designed for transporting 17 passengers (16 seated and one standing place). The high (190 cm) and spacious passenger compartment with panoramic glazing provides the passengers with comfort on the way and the sliding door with electric drive and high door aperture, coupled with a low door step, provide for easy entry/exit. The bi-fuel engine 2.7 EvoTech LPG can run both on petrol and liquified gas.

Class B ambulance built on the platform of Gazelle NEXT was created in accordance with the requirements of the medical institutions. A large volume of space inside the body provides maximum convenience when transporting patients and preparing for trips. The walls and ceiling of the compartment are decorated with easily washable plastic of white color with a smooth surface that does not absorb odors and is resistant to drugs and detergents and disinfectants, the floor is made using seamless liquid formation technology. Special moveable panels provide ample opportunities to fix medical equipment. The air conditioning and an extra heater allow to maintain a comfortable temperature in the compartment at any season of the year. The vehicle is equipped with a led dome light and two blocks of outside lighting, additional lights in the infusion unit, electrical outlets at 12V and 220V, swivel seats with three-point seat belts, a sink with an electric pump for water supply, as well as lots of cabinets and fixtures to accommodate medical equipment.

The medium duty truck GAZon NEXT CNG is a universal truck designed for urban and inter-city transport, road and construction companies, municipal utilities services. It combines high functionality, payload capacity, the lowest in class price and cost of ownership. The vehicle is powered with a modern YAMZ-534 CNG engine. Due to modern design solutions, the power characteristics of the gas engine have not changed compared to its diesel version. Power of YAMZ-534 CNG is 149 HP at 2300 rpm, maximum torque is 490 Nm at 1200-2100 rpm. Seven gas cylinders with the volume of 72.8 m3 provide a cruising range of at least 370 km. A distinctive feature of the gas version of GAZon NEXT is not only its new engine, but also the new fuel equipment including a distributed gas injection system with electronic control. At all the stages of the system flow, modern technical solutions are used to provide complete fire safety of the gas equipment.


The off-roader Vepr is built on a shortened base of off-roader Sadko and has three-door metal panel body. The car has a powerful off-road equipment: AWD drive axles with cam limited slip differentials, 5-speed synchronized gearbox, transfer box, the regulation of air pressure in the tires, radial tires 12.00 R18, a winch with the cable 50 m long and 4.5 t of tractive effort. Number of seats -12. The vehicle is fitted with a diesel engine YAMZ-534.

The mobile service shop based on GAZon NEXT City is an example of opportunities for customizing the GAZ vehicle for the requirements of various types of businesses. The crane manipulator is installed on the vehicle platform with the boom 1150/3800 mm long and the payload up to 990 kg. The front part of the vehicle accomodates a van workshop and in the rear there is a roomy cargo compartment.

Another service shop is built on the basis of an SUV 4 x 4 Sobol. The vehicle is fitted with a modular system of repair equipment from Sortimo, a nonslip floor covering and additional lighting in the compartment. The rooftop rack allows you to carry additional equipment. The rigidly connected front axle, step-down gearing, a differential lock of the rear axle, a high ground clearance and long passages of the suspension allow the service team of Sobol 4 x 4 to carry out repair work in the most difficult hard-to-reach terrain.