GAZ Group presents a new YMZ diesel engine for heavy-duty vehicles

GAZ Group introduces the YMZ-770 series diesel engine for heavy-duty vehicles and diesel generating sets at the International Commercial Vehicle Show COMTRANS/17. The company’s booth also exhibits the promising YMZ-53414 CNG and YMZ-53613 engines, which expand the new family of medium-sized in-line engines designed for trucks, buses and special vehicles. The exhibition takes place at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, September 4-9.

GAZ Group presents a new YMZ diesel engine for heavy-duty vehicles At the International Commercial Vehicle Show COMTRANS/17 GAZ Group presents new products of the Yaroslavl Engine Plant, the leading Russian engine manufacturer: YMZ-770 engines, as well as new modifications of the YMZ-530 family engines operating on gas and diesel.

YMZ-770 engine is a prototype of a 6-cylinder heavy-duty in-line diesel engine, 130x156 mm in size, with 12.43 liters displacement and a power range of 360-550 hp. The engines of the new YMZ-770 family have a common rail fuel injection system, an exhaust gas recirculation system, a monoblock 24-valve cylinder head with a camshaft located in it. The basic hardware is designed for a combustion pressure of 250 bar. The engines comply with the modern trends in global engine-building: they are efficient, have a lifetime exceeding 1 mln km and can potentially meet Euro-6 environmental requirements. Progressive design of YMZ-770 heavy-duty in-line diesel engines has a significant boosting resource. The torque range of 1700-2500 Nm provides for high traction-dynamic properties of vehicles. YMZ-770 engines are designed for installation on heavy transportation, construction, quarry vehicles, as well as tractors, harvesters, railway equipment, ships and diesel generating sets.

YMZ-530 engines presented at the exhibition are an extension of a unique family of medium-sized in-line engines. The platform of the six-cylinder engine from the range presented at the exhibition will be the basis for the development of the family to the Euro-6 level.
Двигатель ЯМЗ-53613.jpg
YMZ-53613 engine is a 6-cylinder in-line Euro-5 diesel engine with a power of of 312 hp, intended for Ural NEXT and MAZ vehicles and LIAZ city and suburban buses. The line of YMZ-536 six-cylinder Euro-5 engines has improved technical and economic indicators of oil and fuel consumption, an extended power range (240-330 hp) and torque (900-1370 Nm), with a lifetime of 800-1000 thousand km. Achievement of the Euro-5 parameters is provided by the SCR exhaust gas neutralization system. This engine is distinguished by a high degree of localization of primitives and components, reaching 80%.
Двигатель ЯМЗ-53414.jpg
YMZ-53414 CNG engine is a 4-cylinder in-line gas engine of the Euro-5 standard with a power of 170 hp intended for Vector NEXT buses, GAZon NEXT medium-tonnage cars of the new generation and MAZ trucks. The basic design is being updated and improved, and the applicability of gas engines is expanding. YMZ-530 CNG 4-cylinder in-line gas engines have a power range of 150-170 hp, torque of 493-590 Nm, lifetime of 700-900 thousand km. YMZ-530 CNG engines have high technical and economic indicators; in terms of basic parameters and consumer qualities, they can compete with the best foreign counterparts, they ensure the fulfillment of the Euro-5 environmental requirements with the prospect of achieving Euro-6 standard.

The engines of the YMZ-530 family use advanced design solutions for the layout, control, operation of the main systems ensuring their reliability and efficiency. Diesel and gas YMZ-530 engines are produced in a single production line at one of the most modern engine building facilities in Europe. The plant having a total area of57 thousand square meters and equipped with modern process and engineering equipment started its operation in 2012. The production is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO/TS 16949. The level of automation of the production line reaches 90%. The engineering infrastructure complies with the most stringent requirements to the production environment in terms of cleanliness, temperature, pressure, illumination, noise and vibration. Investments in the construction of the plant and the development of the production line of diesel and gas YMZ-530 family engines is about 11 billion rubles.