GAZ Group presents new buses for city and long haul bus service

GAZ Group introduces new bus models at the International Commercial Vehicle Show COMTRANS/17. Guests of the exhibition will have a chance to see new GAZ Group models: GAZ electrobus, Kursor mid-range bus modification, Vector NEXT city bus models (long-haul bus and “Accessible Environment” vehicle), and the LiAZ-5292 gas-powered bus. The exhibition is held at Crocus Expo from 4 to 9 September.

GAZ Group presents new buses for city and long haul bus service GAZ Group introduces new models of buses within the framework of the International Commercial Vehicle Show COMTRANS/17: the GAZ electrobus, the new models of Vector NEXT city buses, and the semi-low-floor modification of the Kursor bus.

As an extension of the NEXT family lineup, GAZ Group presents a new Vector NEXT bus in the Accessible Environment modification. The bus is accessible for people with impaired mobility: the rear door and the crowding area have low floor design, the doorway is expanded to 0.9 m, equipped with a mechanical ramp and a wheelchair space. Also there is an enhanced comfort long-haul modification, equipped with tinted windows, luggage racks and additional handrails. The Vector NEXT family buses are designed to carry from 43 to 53 passengers, have improved ergonomics of the driver’s seat, a split air conditioning system and an improved noise insulation system. Models are equipped with electronic route indicators and a scrolling line with information about the route. Buses come in a variety of configurations and, depending on the layout of the cabin, can operate on urban, suburban and intercity routes. New Vector NEXT buses attract not only by their modern design, but also by what is under the hood. Excellent vision, soft suspension, good engine dynamics, easy gear shifting, high cornering ability (the minimum turning radius of the vehicle is 6.7 m). The upgraded chassis provides the model with the ability to drive on roads with various coverings and off-road: GAZ transmission means precision and informative control, air brake system with disc ventilated front and rear wheels brake gears; ABS ensures reliable deceleration of the bus in all road conditions, anti-slip regulation (ASR) greatly simplifies control on wet roads or in other conditions of insufficient grip on the road. The model is equipped with a diesel YMZ-534 engine of the Euro-5 emission standard with a volume of 4.43 liters and a power of 150 hp.

Visitors of the exhibition will also be able to get acquainted with GAZ electrobus prototype, developed with the participation of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University based on the model which has proved effective on the roads of Russian cities, the large class LiAZ-5292 low-floor bus. Design based on the popular model allows to achieve maximum economic efficiency for the carrier in the costs of operation and maintenance. The electrobus is designed for the transportation of 75 passengers and has 27 seats with the possibility of installing three seats for passengers with reduced capabilities. It is equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance and GLONASS equipment. The bus power train complies with the international environmental standard Zero Emission, which is characterized by complete absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In July this year, the GAZ electric bus completed long-term tests on the Moscow routes, during which the electric bus covered more than 13,500 km and carried more than 25,000 passengers.
Электробус ГАЗ и ЛИАЗ-5292.jpg
Kursor LE is a budget semi-low floor version of a new medium class bus. In this version, the number of seats is increased from 18 to 27, the raised floor level of the rear aisle increases the adaptability of the car for driving on poor roads. At the same time, all the advantages of the low-floor version have been preserved: the availability for passengers with reduced capabilities, a modular multiplex control system (computer control of electrical equipment), the “kneeling” system (the possibility of tilting the body towards the doors), electronic control of the suspension. The vehicle is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel YMZ engine with a power of 210 hp of Euro-5 emission standard and automatic Alisson gearbox optimized for suburban routes and various terrain. The usage of modern power units in medium-class buses can significantly reduce the operating costs of the vehicle.

Large-capacity gas-powered bus LiAZ-5292 will also be presented at the show. It is designed to operate on routes with intensive passenger traffic and has become the most popular large-capacity bus when upgrading fleets in major cities of the country. The length of the bus is 12 m, the capacity is 108 people. The bus is equipped with a gas YMZ engine with a power of 286 hp of Euro-5 emission standard, automatic gearbox, ABS, steering booster, body tilt system, wheelchair access ramps and GLONASS equipment. The cabin is fitted with vandal-proof seats with abrasion resistant cladding material, a set of route indicators, a cabin display and a video surveillance system.