GAZ Group presents new CNG/LPG models at GasSUF-2016 exhibition

GAZ Group for the first time presents a new model of a GAZelle NEXT minibus with bi-fuel gas/petrol EvoTech 2.7 LPG engine. The microbus is presented at the 14-th GasSUF-2016 international exhibition of gas filling equipment and CNG/LPG vehicles. The exhibition also presents a line-up of GAZ Group products using compressed natural gas: GAZelle Next CNG and GAZon Next, a large-class bus Cruise and a middle-class PAZ-320412 CNG bus.

GAZ Group presents new CNG/LPG models at GasSUF-2016 exhibition GAZ Group presents a new model of GAZelle Next microbus with a bi-fuel gas-petrol EvoTech 2.7 LPG engine (LPG - liquefied petroleum gas). The GAZelle Next microbus powered by an Evotech 2.7 LPG engine is characterized by a low cost of ownership and high fuel efficiency. The vehicle is equipped with a unified gas/petrol engine control unit with a mass airflow sensor. Compared to separate engine control units for petrol and gas, the unified block ensures smooth switching from one fuel to another and supports the optimal ratio of air and gas in the combustible mixture. The upgraded gas reducer of the vehicle provides heating of the gas mixture and optimum performance of the engine at low temperatures. Engine power -107 hp with petrol and 104.3 hp with running on gas fuel, maximum torque - 220.5 Nm with petrol and 219 Nm with gas. Fuel tank capacity - 80 L, the capacity of two gas cylinders - 87 L, cruising range on petrol and gas - over 1050 km. There are 16 seats in the bus.

The drop-side truck GAZelle Next is equipped with a bi-fuel EvoTech Turbo CNG engine (CNG - compressed natural gas). The use of a turbocharger increased the power characteristics of the power train and improved the dynamics of acceleration and the speed performance. In particular, the maximum torque is increased up to 255 Nm (including the increased torque at low rpm - from 1 thousand up to 2,5 thousand revolutions per minute), and the maximum power of the engine is increased up to 120 hp. The vehicle is equipped with four gas cylinders with the total capacity of 41.6 cubic meters. The cruising range is 750 km including 300 km on gas. The gas valve module ensures precise dosage of fuel in all modes of operation and the exhaust manifold allows the engine to work for a long time on diluted mixtures, which ensures low fuel consumption.

The tow truck based on the medium-tonnage GAZon Next CNG truck, is equipped with a modern diesel engine YaMZ-534 CNG with 150 hp. Seven gas cylinders with the total capacity 72.8 m3 provide the cruising range of at least 370 km. Maximum torque is 493 Nm. GAZon Next CNG is designed for evacuation of vehicles with the GVW of up to 2.5 tons. The cost of the base chassis is 2.5 - 3 times lower than the cost of the models traditionally used to install the towing units on and using a CNG engine can save up to 160 thousand rubles per year at the mileage 60 thousand km.

The stationary evacuation platform V-Simple made in Russia and installed on GAZon Next, is manufactured of high-quality steel. One of the features of the platform is 4-layer paint that provides wear-resistant and durable coating. The crane manipulator Palfinger 13500TB, specially developed for automotive towing vehicles, has a maximum pay load capacity of 5 tons with the 2 m length of its boom and 1.5 tons with an 8 m boom. The tow truck is equipped with crossbars with hydraulic centering in combination with slings and wheel clamps.

The Cruise bus built on Scania chassis is designed to transport 47 passengers. It comes with a Scania gas Euro-6 engine. The gas fuel (methane) is filled into in eight cylinders 150 L each, with the total capacity of 1200 L that provides a cruising range of 600 km. The comfort during the movement is created by an air suspension with stabilizers at the front and rear axles and an electronic control system with the function of lifting and lowering of the body. The basic configuration of the bus includes climate control, trip computer, cruise control, vehicle stability control systems and body anti-rollover system, uphill and downhill support systems, tv and video. Additionally available are an electronic digital route displays, a video system, Wi-Fi, an auto-information system, a rear-view camera, a navigation and communication terminal, a video-registrator, external and interior cameras, a sleeper for the co-driver, a kitchen and a bio-toilet. The bus is also equipped with temperature and smoke sensors, an automatic system of fire alarm and fire extinguishing.

The middle class PAZ-320412 CNG bus has already gained popularity the carriers, actively developing the fleet of environment friendly CNG vehicles. The bus is designed for city and suburban routes. The vehicle is designed for transporting 60 passengers with 21 seats and is equipped with gas engine YaMZ-534 CNG Euro-5 4.43 L 170 hp engine. The gas (methane) is filled into six cylinders 62 L each and into the tank of 50 litres, allowing for the cruising range of up to 320 km. The all-metal cylinders are located at the base of the body. PAZ-320402-14 has a high payback ratio thanks to an optimum combination of fuel consumption, durability of the body and the power unit.

The components of the gas equipment installed on the vehicles are certified for compliance with the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Commission of the United Nations and ensure fulfillment of maximum fire safety requirements.