GAZ Group presents new models for mobile retail

GAZ Group unveils new specialty vehicle models: mobile retail trucks and food trucks based on GAZelle Next. The vehicles were presented as part of the "Russian Retail Week - 2017" forum, which takes place at the Moscow World Trade Center on June 5-10.

GAZ Group presents new models for mobile retail GAZ Group presents mobile retail trucks and food trucks based on GAZelle Next featuring various layout solutions for mobile retail.

A modular GAZelle Next food truck features a fresh, contemporary design and improved aerodynamic performance. The retail module is made of high-strength fiberglass panels with thickness, depending on the region where the vehicle is operated, can range from 40 to 80 mm. The solid design ensures complete leakproofness of the retail bay and a long - at least 15 years - service life. The shop windows are made of tempered or impact-resistant (polycarbonate) glass. At customer’s request the vehicle can be fitted with refrigerated display cases with temperature maintained by the vehicle’s refrigeration unit. To set up a mobile eating place the vehicle is equipped with a 10 kW power generator, a folding table-counter, a secure awning, a refrigerator, shelves, cabinets, a sink with a self-contained water supply system and a composting toilet. The vehicle can also be fitted with a roaster, a deep-frying machine, a coffee machine, an ice-cream machine, a steam-cooker, and many other types of kitchen appliances. The rear axle locking differential significantly increases the vehicle’s off-road capability when driving on snow, ice or other slippery surfaces.
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The distinctive feature of the mobile retail truck based on GAZelle Next frame bus is its larger space for accommodating the retail equipment and staff. The two large LED displays that can be lifted above the roof make the vehicle stand out and serve as an effective advertising media with the ability to output not just static images, but also video and sound.

The frameless thermal-insulated van mounted on a GAZelle Next chassis represents a more traditional mobile retail truck model. Its main advantages include low price, short production time and easy optional equipment installation or replacement. The absence of a frame provides a high level of thermal insulation. The vehicle can be fitted with display cabinets from one, two or three sides.

Oleg Markov, GAZ Group LCV Division's Marketing and Sales Director:

- The mobile retail is one of the most promising areas for small and medium business development in Russia. This is a fairly free market niche that does not require a large up-front investment to set up a business, offers a high level of flexibility thanks to the ability of easily changing the range of goods, routes and places of trade, as well as high liquidity, predictable costs. GAZ Group was the first company in Russia to begin systematic work, together with its partners, to produce vehicles for mobile retail. The four base models that are based on GAZelle Next LCV, and more than a thousand of configuration options provide a variety of layout solutions that meet specific requirements of any mobile business.
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