GAZ Group presents new models of generation Next microbuses

GAZ Group presents at the international bus and coach trade fair Busworld Russia the new models of generation Next route microbuses. The 17-seater GAZelle Next microbus is built on the basis of the metal panel van. Serial production of the bus will start in November this year. A promising model of GAZelle Next microbus is also presented at the display for the first time that is designed to carry 22 passengers.

GAZ Group presents new models of generation Next microbuses GAZ Group is presenting new models of generation Next microbuses at the international bus and coach trade fair Busworld Russia. The new GAZelle Next microbus based on the metal panel van is characterized by its modern design, a high level of comfort, good functionality and the best-in-class price. The bus is designed for transporting 17 passengers (16 seated and one standing place). The high (190 cm) and spacious passenger compartment with panoramic glazing provides the passengers with comfortable movement and comfort on the way, and the sliding door with electric drive and high door aperture, coupled with a low door step, provide for easy entry/exit. The interior of the passenger compartment is decorated in light-grey colors of molded ABS plastic.

GAZelle Next microbuses will be produced with three types of engines: diesel, gasoline and gas-petrol. The new model of GAZelle Next microbus presented at the show is equipped with a bi-fuel gas-petrol EvoTech 2.7 LPG engine (LPG - liquefied petroleum gas). The use of gas fuel ensures low cost of ownership and high fuel economy. The vehicle is equipped with a unified gas/petrol engine control unit with a mass airflow sensor. Compared to separate engine control units for petrol and gas, the unified block ensures smooth switching from one fuel type to another, and supports the optimal ratio of air and gas in the combustible mixture. The upgraded gas reducer of the vehicle provides heating of the gas mixture and optimum performance of the engine at low temperatures. Engine power -107 hp with petrol and 104.3 hp with running on gas fuel, maximum torque - 220.5 Nm with petrol and 219 Nm with gas. Fuel tank capacity - 80 L, the capacity of two gas cylinders - 87 L, cruising range on petrol and gas - over 1050 km.

22-местный автобус ГАЗель NEXT.jpg

The frame vehicle with increased passenger capacity is demonstrated for the first time to the general public. The bus was developed within the framework of the program "Accessible urban environment”, a distinctive feature of the model is the low level of the floor, which is convenient for the elderly, disabled persons and passengers with prams.

The bus, based on the chassis of the GAZelle NEXT, can carry 22 passengers (from 10 up to 13 seats and from 9 to 12 standing places). The application of pneumatic rear suspension helped to achieve good smoothness of the drive and the rear axle with increased payload capacity and strengthened frame provide for a highly reliable body. The brake system with disc brake mechanisms on all four wheels provides for efficient deceleration and stopping of the vehicle.

The new bus body is a powerful structural frame made of high-strength steel pipes covered with sheets of galvanized steel and fiberglass panels. The model presented at the fair is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine ISF 2.8 with 149 h.p.