GAZ Group’s Yaroslavl Motor Plant celebrates its 100th anniversary

Avtodiesel Yaroslavl Motor Plant of GAZ Group, a part of Basic Element, Russia's largest diversified industrial holding, celebrates its 100th anniversary.  The plant, that was initially founded in 1916 as an automobile plant, is now one of the Russia’s largest diesel manufacturers holding a leading position in localization of up-to-date engine components and reputable school for engineering and technical specialists in the industry.    

GAZ Group’s Yaroslavl Motor Plant celebrates its 100th anniversary Avtodiesel Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YMZ) marks its 100th anniversary. Today, Avtodiesel is one of the major Russian manufacturers of multipurpose diesel engines, clutches, gearboxes as well as stationary generator sets based on them. Its share in the Russian market is about 45%. Yaroslavl engines are used in trucks, long-haul vehicles, mine trucks, buses, tractors and grain harvesters, construction machinery as well as generator sets.

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The plant combines three production sites situated in Yaroslavl region including one of the most up-to-date production facilities in Europe, where medium diesel engines YMZ-530 are manufactured. This 57.000 sq.m large plant is equipped with stet-of-the-art process and engineering equipment. Its production is certified acc. to the international automotive industry's ISO/TS 16949 standard. Automation level of YMZ-530 production facilities is equal to 90%. Available engineering infrastructure ensures fulfillment of the most stringent requirements to production environment in terms of cleanliness, air temperature, air pressure, illumination, noise and vibration emissions. Also, Yaroslavl Motor Plant produces a family of heavy-duty in-line engines YMZ-650 and V-engines as well. Besides, the plant builds engines for Mercedes vehicles in cooperation with Daimler.

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Yaroslavl Motor Plant possess long-term expertise and extensive experience in designing and development of unique engines for racing vehicles: YMZ powered vehicles became winners of several transcontinental Paris-Dakar rally raids. GAZon NEXT trucks with YMZ-530 engines overcome the most difficult terrains of the Russian rally raid championships. YMZ engines are also installed on the vehicles of Minsk Engine Plant sport team.

Vadim Sorokin, President of GAZ Group:

– Founding of Avtodiesel became the pivot point in the history of the entire automotive industry in Russia. Even today, Yaroslavl Motor Plant is one of the major engine-building centers in Russia. Yaroslavl engines are used in more than 300 different vehicle models produced in Russia and CIS countries. This year, YMZ launched production of YMZ engines conforming to the latest Euro-5 emission standard and is working at development of Euro-6 engines for export markets with the most stringent requirements for exhaust and noise emissions. The plant approached its 100th anniversary having armed with cutting-edge technologies, thus allowing us to be sure that the plant’s today’s progress will contribute to its history of success.

Первое серийное производство ярославских дизельных двигателей, цех сборки моторов ЯМЗ-236, 1961 г..jpg

History of Avtodiesel Yaroslavl Motor Plant


The plant was founded in 1916 by a famous Russian engineer and entrepreneur Vladimir Lebedev as a factory for assembly of passenger cars and motor ambulances for the fronts of World War I.

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In 1918, the plant was renamed into The First Yaroslavl state car repair plant (YaGARZ).  Before 1926, the plant had been repairing motor vehicles and building track motorcars on chassis of American trucks White.  At the end of 1925, the plant started production of trucks, since that time the plant was acting as Yaroslavl State Automobile Plant (YaGAZ). Later, the plant was renamed into Yaroslavl Automobile Plant (YaAZ). In the 30s, the plant manufactured heavy trucks, buses and trolley buses etc.  

Первый отечественный дизель-мотор КОДЖУ и его создатели, 1933 г..jpg

In 1933, the plant developed the first Russian truck-and-tractor diesel engine. During the WW2, the plant mastered the production of 13 military products incl. tracked artillery tractors, and then has been manufacturing trucks and two-stroke diesel engines till late 50s.

In 1958, the plant was renamed into Yaroslavl Motor Plant and since that time has been continuously focusing on the further development of its diesel production.  

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At the beginning of the 2000s, Yaroslavl Motor Plant joined the machine building assets of Oleg Deropaska, which were then integrated into LCV production holding of GAZ Group in 2005. Over recent years, more than RUR 15,5 Bln. were invested in the development of the plant and more than 250 engine modifications for various applications  were created.