GAZ Group, Sberbank Leasing and Element Leasing started a new program of buying URAL NEXT vehicles

GAZ Group that is a part of one of the largest diversified industrial groups in Russia, Basic Element, together with Sberbank Leasing and Element Leasing developed a joint branded program for buyers of Ural NEXT. Branded leasing program is valid on all territory of Russia before December 31, 2016.

GAZ Group, Element Leasing and Sberbank Leasing developed a program of buying Ural NEXT vehicles. The leasing terms are more advantageous than standard market leasing terms.

The program is focused on small and medium business and represents an effective leasing solution for renewal the fleet with Ural NEXT and specialty vehicles on its base. The program foresees reduction of annual leasing payments at the expense of manufacturer subsidies. Price increase depends on the number of purchased vehicles, a payment schedule chosen by the customer, down payment amount and the leasing contract period.

The offer is limited and valid before the end of 2016. One can get access to the program and apply for leasing in any office Sberbank Leasing, Sberbank offices of servicing entrepreneurs and legal entities, in Element Leasing offices and in dealer centers of Ural Truck Plant.