GAZ Group started mass production of GAZon Next CNG

GAZ Group started mass production of GAZon NEXT CNG LDT. The vehicle is equipped with new CNG engine YaMZ-534.

GAZ Group started mass production  of GAZon Next CNG GAZ Group, leading Russian manufacturer of CNG vehicles - started mass production of GAZon NEXT CNG LDT. The vehicle is equipped with the state-of-the-art domestic engine YAMZ-534 CNG meetin the world standards in specific power, torque, vibro-acoustic characteristics and fuel consumption. The SOP ceremony of YAMZ-534 CNG was held at GG Yaroslavl Engine Plant on November 12, 2016 in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin. Application of the gas engine reduces fuel costs by 40-50% as compared to the diesel version and provides for significant cost efficiency of the vehicle.

GAZon NEXT is a multi-purpose truck designed for city and inter-city transportations, construction companies, municipal utility services. It combines high functionality, payload capacity, the lowest price and cost of ownership in its class.

The distinctive feature of the natural gas version of GAZon NEXT is not only the new engine but also the new fuel equipment which includes a EC gas distribution system. Gas flows to bottles from the filling device through valves, then to the high pressure filter, and then to the gas reducer. The gas pressure in the system is 200 atm. The pressure drops down to 6 atm in the reducing gear and flows directly into the engine through the low pressure gas filter.

Technical solutions that provide for complete fire safety of the gas equipment are applied at all stages of the system. They include a non-return valve of the filling device, which prevents gas outflow after filling; safety and fire valves of gas bottles which provide for release of gas into the atmosphere in case of excessive pressure or temperature; overpressure valve of the gas reducing gear, and other solutions. All components of the CNG equipment are of IV generation and are certified according to the requirements of UN/ECE 110.

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Thanks to modern design solutions, power characteristics of the gas engine have not changed compared to the diesel version. The power of the YAMZ-534 CNG engine is 149 hp at 2300 rpm, maximum torque is 490 Nm at 1200-2100 rpm. Seven gas bottles of 72.8 m3 placed under the body of gas cylinders for the filling interval of at least 370 km.

The warranty for gas version does not differ from that for the diesel version: three years or 150 thousand km, which are the best indicators in the LDT segment.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

-Compressed natural gas is the most cost effective fuel out of those used today for commercial vehicles, so we pay particular attention to it. In 2010, GAZ became a pioneer of mass production of LPG vehicles, and since 2013, CNG LCV’s have been present in our product portfolio. Thus, GAZon CNG extend the CNG product mix of GAZ Group. Development of the advanced YAMZ-530 CNG engine allowed us to offer a gas version of our popular GAZon NEXT LDT to our customer with the power and payload characteristics not inferior to those of the diesel version and significantly reduced fuel costs. We plan to further extend out CNG product mix.