GAZ Group starts serial production of Common Rail fuel pumps for Euro-5 diesel engines

Yaroslavl diesel fuel equipment plant of GAZ Group, a company of Basic Element, one of the major diversified industrial groups in Russia, starts serial production of electronically controlled high pressure fuel pumps of Euro-5 emission standard. The design of the pumps provides for the possibility of meeting Euro-6 requirements. The project investments amount to about 500 million rubles, of which 200 million rubles are the soft borrowed co-financing from the Industrial Development Fund.

The Yaroslavl diesel fuel equipment plant (YAZDA) of GAZ Group has started serial production of electronically controlled high pressure fuel pumps for YAMZ-530 family engines meeting the Euro-5 emission standard. The first stage production capacity is 40 thousand fuel systems per year, the capacity is planned to be increased up to 70 thousand by the end of 2017. The production process utilizes around 60 units of modern technological equipment made by the leading international manufacturers, such as DMG-Mori Seiki, Rosler, Durr, etc. The production process was certified according to the requirements of the international quality system ISO/TS 16949.

Fuel pumps from YAZDA are compact and high-speed, adapted for tough operating conditions. It is the first domestic development of a Common Rail fuel system of Euro-5 emission standard. Meeting the requirements of Euro-5 and Euro-6 emission standards requires the use of a radically new fuel feeding equipment, providing increased injection pressure, fuel metering accuracy, flexible integral control of the start and injection characteristics depending on the mode of operation of a diesel engine.

The Common Rail fuel pump from YAZDA for YAMZ-530 engines creates the pressure of 2000 atmospheres and has reserves of forcing up to 2 500 atmospheres that provides quality fuel spray and stable operation of the engine. This potential in terms of the pressure with the corresponding change of the software in the engine control unit and adjustment of exhaust neutralization systems provide the possibility of upgrading the engines to meet Euro-6 requirements.

The pumps have been tested on modern test stands launched into operation at the end of 2014. The performance of the pumps and their components was validated in all modes of operation including in excess of nominal parameters. The design solutions used in the pump provide the engine with low fuel quality requirements. The new product complies with the technical level of foreign analogues, but is better adapted to Russian conditions and is more affordable.

Common Rail systems are used in engines designed for automobile, tractor and shipbuilding sectors, as well as for agricultural and special vehicles. The engines possess a high export potential. YAMZ-530 Euro-5 engines with the Common Rail pump made by YAZDA are designed for medium-duty vehicles GAZon NEXT, LIAZ and PAZ buses, generator power plants, road-building vehicles. Yaroslavl pumps in the  composition of the Common Rail fuel equipment passed certification tests on KAMAZ engines.

Konstantin Rukhani, Director of GAZ Group Powertrain Division:

- This is an important project in terms of import substitution both for GAZ Group and for the entire Russian engine-building industry. It is intended to ensure the competitiveness of the Yaroslavl diesel plant equipment and the production lifecycle for many years to come. The characteristics of the new pumps made by YAZDA for the basic family of JAMZ-530 engines originally build in the best parameters compared to foreign analogues. This will allow us to provide a high level of presence of the new product on the market.

Mikhail Makarov, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Fund (PDF):

-The project of Yaroslavl diesel fuel equipment plant will increase the self-sufficiency of the national engine manufacturing and reduce its dependency on imported vehicles and machinery. By 2021, the company plans to take up to 70% of the Russian market of Common Rail systems and expects to expand into overseas markets. The positive experience of cooperation with Yaroslavl plant inspires us to further work with manufacturers of automotive components. Now, PDF is funding 10 projects of this type, granting them soft loans for 2.8 billion rubles.