GAZ Group supplies an electric bus to Tyumen

GAZ Group delivered an electric bus to Tyumen passenger transport organization for trial operation.

GAZ Group supplies an electric bus to Tyumen GAZ Group has delivered an electric bus to the city of Tyumen for trial operation. The electric bus will soon go out to the city route connecting the airport and the railway station of TRyumen. The electric bus was supplied complete with the charging station of pistol type with the capacity up to 150 kW. The batteries will be charged at night and on turning terminals. The cruising range on a single charge is calculated for 100 km, with the average daily mileage of 220 km. The sharp continental climate in Tyumen will help to evaluate the performance of the electric bus at low and high temperatures.
GAZ developed the e-bus based on the model that proved itself well during the operation on the roads of Russian cities - a large-class low-floor LIAZ-5292 bus. The e-bus is designed for transportation of 75 passengers and has 24 seats, luggage racks and the possibility of installing three chairs for low mobility passengers, and is equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance and GLONASS system. The power train of the bus complies with the international environmental standard Zero Emission characterized by the complete absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
In July this year, the same model of GAZ electric bus completed the longest tests in Russia. During the test operation in Moscow from January to July 2017, the mileage covered by the e-bus amounted to more than 13 500 km, and more than 25 000 passengers were transported. In the course of a long run-in, the experts from GAZ Group evaluated the work of the e-bus in different weather conditions: during winter at temperatures of minus 35 degrees, in rainy spring and in summer. In all seasons, the e-bus demonstrated stable performance parameters that provide for the necessary mileage and passenger flow on the routes.