GAZ Group supplies over 1,700 buses to the Moscow Region

GAZ Group supplies 1,758 buses to the Moscow Region. GAZ Group supplies buses all together within seven months, which is the fastest pace of the passenger fleet upgrade in Russia. The operation of buses on the Moscow Region routes will start till the end of March 2018.

GAZ Group supplies over 1,700 buses to the Moscow Region GAZ Group will supply over 1,758 buses to be operated in over 60 municipalities of the Moscow Region. Today, Andrey Vorobyev, the Moscow Region Governor, handed the key from the first bath of 100 buses to the managers of municipal transportation companies o the region. The buses will be supplied within the framework of the passenger fleet upgrade program of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region. The vehicles will be funded via Sberbank Leasing that won the e-bid.
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Buses made by three GAZ Group plants (GAZ, LiAZ and PAZ) will be supplied to the Moscow Region within the framework of the contract: 900 GAZelle Next buses, 540 large Voyage buses on Scania chassis, 243 medium Vector Next buses, and 75 large LiAZ-5292 low-floor city buses. All buses are equipped with a ramp and wheelchair areas, which allows for transportation of limited-mobility passengers. The buses are outfitted with Orbita 0.2 (control of passenger vehicle driving, on-board systems and additional equipment), GLONASS, modern video surveillance and recording systems, and climate control.

Currently, there are over 3 thous. GAZ Group buses in the MTA fleet, which amounts to appr. 60% of the total number of buses in the fleet. Over 700 of the aforementioned amount are the buses manufactured within the framework of cooperation between GAZ Group and MTA for the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 in line with the safety and reliability requirements to transportation in the course of international events of the kind. After the Olympic Games, the buses entered the routes of the Moscow Region within the framework of the Olympic Heritage program.
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Andrey Vorobyov, Moscow Region Governor:

- We submit another large batch of modern hig-quality domestic buses to MTA departments in our municipalities. All in all, over 5 thous. vehicles are operated under the MTA brand. Every year, we find an opportunity to upgrade the public fleet. The demand is huge, and thanks to the cooperation with GAZ and Sberbank Leasing we managed to buy a large batch of buses to be supplied till next March. I hope that each of the buses to be delivered will have a reliable and long service life.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

- We are proud of being entrusted with such a large and complicated contract. However, we bear a huge responsibility as the Regional Government sets the highest possible requirements to vehicle comfort and reliability. The Moscow Region is the leading Russian region in terms of the public bus fleet upgrade thanks to a complex approach of the Regional Government to development of passenger transportation and enhancement of its safety and efficiency. We offered modern bus models developed with regard to the best bus-engineering trends for upgrade of the Moscow Region fleet. GAZ Group manufactures the widest bus lineup in Russia, and we have developed a complex transportation solution for the Moscow Region with the passenger capacity of 16...94 seats for the routes of various length and intensity. We focused on development of a barrier-free environment and high comfort for all passenger categories.

The new version of GAZelle Next Citiline frame minibus is made in line with the requirements of the “Barrier-Free Environment” program. A large wheelchair areas and a special ramp allow for transportation of limited-mobility passengers and passengers with baby buggies. There are 16 seats and 4 standing places in the minibus. The height of the passenger compartment amounts to 190 cm, which allows for comfortable standing. Wide glazing ensures excellent visibility. The driver’s seat is separated from the passengers so that the driver does not get distracted, while the arrangement of the passenger compartment allows control of the access to and from the bus. The driver’s pit is outfitted with a comfortable anatomic seat, five levels of adjustment and lumber support. The folding front door with electric and mechanical drive (like in large buses) and low step ensure easy access to and from the bus. Two additional heaters maintain comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment.

Voyage bus on Scania chassis is designed for intercity routes with the length of up to 500 km and more. A reliable and efficient Scania chassis and modern LiAZ body are made with regard to specifics of bus operation in Russian and optimal price and quality balance. The bus fully meets the requirements to its class. Panoramic windshield glazing, continuous side glazing, large cargo compartment, high-quality interior trims, wide range of comfortable passenger seats ensure best performance for transportation between cities. Buses are outfitted for transportation of limited-mobility passengers: a cassette lift, a special wheelchair area, a driver call button. The voyage buses were used during the 22nd Olympic Games and 11th Paralympic Games Sochi 2014. The passenger capacity is 60 seats.

The Vector Next bus is designed for transportation of 43...52 passengers, has improved driver’s seat ergonomics, a separate AC in the passenger compartment, and enhanced noise insulation. The bus is outfitted with electronic route indicators and a route marquee. There are several configurations of the bus for transportation on city, suburban and intercity routes. The bus is distinguished by excellent visibility, soft suspension, good engine performance, easy switching between gears, and high maneuverability (the minimum turning radius equals to 6.7 m). The upgraded chassis allows for operation of this model on and off roads, GAZ transmission - for precise and feedback steering, pneumatic brakes with ventilated disk-type front and rear brakes and ABS - for reliable slowdown in any road conditions, and ASR significantly simplifies driving on wet road or other events of insufficient grip of wheels. The model is equipped with YMZ-534, a Russian E5 engine with the volume of 4.43 l and power output of 150 h.p., thanks to which the bus may speed up to 100 km/h.

LIAZ-5292 is intended for city routes with heavy passenger traffic. This is the most popular large bus purchased by Russian cities within the framework of the fleet upgrade. The length of the bus - 12 m, passenger capacity - 94 people. Also, the bus is equipped with an automatic transmission, ABS, power steering, kneeling (body tilt) system for convenient entry and exit of passengers, wheelchair ramps and GLONASS equipment. Anti-vandal seats with abrasion resistant upholstery, a set of route indicators, an interior information board and a video surveillance system with cameras in anti-vandal cases are installed in the passenger compartment.