GAZ Group supplies Ural truks to Yakutia

GAZ Group supplies Ural trucks to SGK-Mekhanizatsiya. All in all, 174 AWD Ural trucks are delivered, incl. Ural Next dump and drop-side trucks, pipe trucks on Ural-6370 chassis with increased payload.

GAZ Group supplies Ural truks to Yakutia GAZ Group has supplied 174 vehicles to SGK-Mekhanizatsiya, includign: 80 Ural NEXT dump trucks (6х6), 4 Ural Next drop-side trucks with crane manipulators (6х6), and 90 pipe trucks on Ural-6370 chassis with increased payload (GVW of over 33 t, 6х6).
Бортовой Урал NEXT.jpg
The vehicles delivered are operated in Yakutia in complete off-road conditions - backfilling of roads, transportation of pipes and various cargo types for a largest investment project of PJSC Gazprom - construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.

Conventional off-road performance of Ural trucks allow easy access to remote areas where the pipeline is to be built. The vehicles are made in the Northern configurations for comfortable operation in severe climate incl.: autonomous cab heater, fuel intake heater, fuel hose heating, heat insulation of the battery, heat insulation of the cab. The vehicles are outfitted wit YMZ-536 and YMZ-652 engines with the power output of 3142 and 412 hp, respectively.
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Ural off-road trucks may be used in complete off-road conditions and in severe climate of Siberia and the Far North. The Ural trucks may be used at the height of 4,500 m over the sea level, at the ambient temperature of -50...+50°C, may pass 1 m high virgin snow, 0.55 to 1.2 m wide canals, max. 0.55 m high rising walls, max. 31° height, max. 20° slopes, and max. 1.75 m deep water obstacles. The off-road capacity of Ural vehicles is ensured by a powerful engine, special design of driving axles, and centralized tire pressure control.

Various superstructures may be installed to the Ural chassis, i. e. for the oil and gas industry. These include cranes and drilling rigs, well servicing rigs, well dewaxing units, concrete mixers, refueling trucks, fire tank trucks, mobile workshops, etc.