GAZ Group to supply 265 LIAZ buses to Kazakhstan

GAZ Group will supply 265 LIAZ buses to the Republic of Kazakhstan under the program of renovation of the bus fleet of Almaty. The first 65 buses have already been shipped to the transport company Almatyelectrotrans and 200 will be shipped before the end of the year.

GAZ Group entered into a contract for the delivery of 265 low-floor LIAZ buses to Kazakhstan. Modern comfortable buses will be shipped equipped with air conditioning system, DVR's of external and internal surveillance system, the system of counting passengers, the autoinformer. The bus was developed within the framework of the program "Accessible urban environment”, a distinctive feature of the model is the low level of the floor which is convenient for the elderly, disabled persons and passengers with prams. For disabled passengers the buses are equipped with a mechanical ramp and a wheelchair mounting. The buses are powered by economical diesel engines made by Yaroslavl Motor Plant of GAZ Group.

GAZ Group is actively participating in renovation of the passenger fleet of Kazakhstan: from early 2017 the company delivered to the country 15 Kursor LF buses, 40 LIAZ-5256 buses and 234 GAZ buses. In total, the bus fleet of the Republic of Kazakhstan will receive more than 650 buses from GAZ Group by the end of this year.

The delivery to Almaty includes 4 models of Likino bus plant with the passenger capacity from 75 to 184 seats.

Big class LIAZ-5293 bus features modern exterior design. Its low cost, reliable power trains and chassis make it indispensable in any city. The passenger capacity is 104 people including 24 seats and a space for wheelchair mounting. It is equipped with a 245 hp diesel engine from YAMZ.

The middle-class city bus Kursor LF is a fully low-floor model, designed for operation on routes with low and medium traffic and is adapted for the transport of low-mobility passengers. The 9.5 m model keeps all the competitive advantages of transport of a larger class: high capacity, low floor, the possibility of kneeling to the side of the doors, the function of electronic control of the suspension. Passenger capacity - 75 persons. It is equipped with a 210 hp diesel engine from YAMZ.

The large-class low-floor city LIAZ-5292.60 bus is the most popular on the streets of the Russian capital and is is intended to be used on routes with heavy passenger traffic. The model has increased for its class passenger capacity - up to 108 people including 28 seats and space for low-mobility passengers. It is equipped with a 536 hp diesel engine from YAMZ.

The extra large-class LIAZ-6213 bus is the first domestic low-floor articulated bus designed to work on routes with heavy passenger traffic. A restyled version of the model has newly designed front and rear masks and is equipped with new halogen optics. The compartment can accommodate up to 184 people, including 37 seats and one seat for the low-mobility passengers. It is equipped with a 536 hp diesel engine from YAMZ.