GAZ Group will supply LiaAZ Euro-5 buses to Tyumen

GAZ Group and MosGorTrans will supply 124 low-floor city buses Euro-5 to Tyumen before the end of 2017.

photo Likino Bus Plant of GAZ Group will supply 124 LiAZ buses to Tyumen in 2017. They already sent the first batch of 66 buses to the public transport enterprise No 1 in Tyumen: 64 large buses LiAZ-5292 with a capacity of 112 persons and 2 articulated extra large buses LiAZ-6213 with a capacity of 193 persons.

All the models are equipped with a body tilting system, air conditioning, dash cameras for external and internal surveillance, mechanical ramp, a place for fastening a wheelchair and an announcement unit. All the buses are equipped with diesel engines Euro-5 produced by Yaroslavl Engine plant.
Автобус ЛИАЗ-5292.jpg
The large bus LIAZ-5292 is designed for city routes with heavy passenger traffic. The model has increased passenger capacity for its class - up to 114 people, incl. 28 seats and seats for handicapped passengers. The bus is equipped with a diesel engine YaMZ-530 with power of 210 HP

Extra large bus LiAZ-6213 is the first domestic articulated low-floor bus is designed for heavy passenger traffic. A restyled version of the model has a newly designed front and rear masks and new halogen optics. The bus can accommodate 153 people, incl. 34 seats and one seat, equipped for handicapped passengers. The bus is equipped with a domestic diesel engine of Yaroslavl engine plant YaMZ-536 with power of 310 HP.