GAZ Group will supply vehicles for construction of gas pipeline “Sila Sibiri”

GAZ Group will supply Ural vehicles for construction of the gas pipeline “Sila Sibiri”. 174 AWD vehicles will be involved in the project, including dump trucks and dropside vehicles Ural Next, pipe trucks of a chassis Ural-6370 of increased payload capacity.

GAZ Group will supply vehicles for construction of gas pipeline “Sila Sibiri”  GAZ Group will supply dump trucks (6x6) and drop side crane vehicles (6x6), Ural Next, as well as pipe trucks Ural-6370 (6x6). All vehicles are equipped with engines YaMZ-536 and YaMZ-652 312 and 412 HP power, respectively. The vehicles will be supplied by October 2017 to SGK-Mekhanizatsia (included in StroiGazConsulting, GazProm’s contractor in construction of the pipeline on 400-km section of the road from Olekminsk to Aldan).
Бортовой автомобиль Урал NEXT с краном-манипулятором.jpg
They will use the vehicles in construction of one of the largest projects of GazProm - gas pipeline “Sila Sibiri”, it’s a gas-transporting system 4 thous. km long that is designed to transport gas from Yakutsk and Irkutsk centers of gas production to the Far East of Russia and China.

The vehicles will be operated on off-road for filling driveways, transporting pipes and various goods. All Ural vehicles have a special configuration, there is a “Northern package” of options for comfortable work in harsh climatic conditions (incl. an autonomous cab heater, air intake heater, fuel line heating, thermal insulation of a battery compartment and a cabin).
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Ural vehicles perfectly proved themselves when working in difficult conditions in Siberia and the Far North. Thanks to their unique off-road capabilities Ural vehicles produced by GAZ Group are used in a variety of applications while implementing projects of strategic importance in different sectors of the economy of Russia. There are different kinds of special equipment installed on Ural chassis. These include cranes and drilling rigs, well servicing rigs, well dewaxing units, concrete mixers, refueling trucks, fire tank trucks, mobile workshops and others.