Pavlovo Bus Plant marks its 85th anniversary

Pavlovo Bus Plant (PAZ) of GAZ Group celebrates 85 years since founding. Over the years of its operation the plant, the leading Russian bus manufacturer, produced 750 thousand vehicles - a record figure for the national bus industry, one out of every four buses on the Russian roads is made by PAZ.

Pavlovo Bus Plant marks its 85th anniversary This year, GAZ Group’s Pavlovo Bus Plant marks its 85th anniversary. Today PAZ is the leading Russian bus manufacturer with an 80% market share in the small and medium bus segment. The plant produces over 100 different versions of small and medium buses intended for city and suburban public transit operations, for schools and social-care facilities, etc. The PAZ lineup includes its flagship product Vector Next, base models PAZ-32053 and PAZ-4234, a small bus PAZ-3237, an AWD version PAZ-3206, a cargo and passenger version PAZ-32053-20 and other buses.
Сборка первого автобуса ПАЗ-651.jpg
The decision to set up a facility in Pavlovo, where PAZ buses would be subsequently produced, was made in 1930. Initially, the plant was created to provide the Gorky Automobile Plant and other automakers with driver tools and body metalware. In 1932, the construction of the Automotive Tool Plant was completed and production operations began. In 1952 the company was repurposed for production of buses and renamed into Pavlovo Bus Plant by the Soviet Government decree: in August 1952 the first five buses of the PAZ-651model based on a GAZ chassis rolled out of the plant gate.
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In 2000 PAZ became a part of Basic Element industrial group. Since then over 100 new modifications of buses have been developed. PAZ buses several times received high awards at major industry competitions in the "Best City Bus" and "Best Small Bus" nominations.

In 2009 PAZ launched serial production of the new PAZ-3204 family. In 2011 the PAZ lineup was upgraded to meet the Euro-4 emission standard. In 2013 production of buses with CNG engines began. As part of Bus Division’s project of developing a model range based on modular design, production of Vector buses was launched in 2011. This series comprises buses of different lengths, classes and purposes. Various versions of Vector buses can provide an optimal solution depending on passenger traffic intensity.

In 2016 a new model, Vector Next, was launched joining the flagship lineup of GAZ Group, and in 2017 new versions of this model were released: a low-entry version "Accessible Environment" and an intercity version demonstrated at the international COMTRANS/17 motor show. The bus features modern exterior and interior styling in line with the leading global trends. The new model uses state-of-the-art materials and components produced in Russia. The bus employs a modular design, which allows using it as a basis for buses of different sizes thereby reducing the time and costs required for the development and preproduction of the whole model range.
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The company actively participates in federal programs for renewal of passenger fleets, including those implemented as part of key national projects. Today the new Vector Next family buses are participating in the renewal of fleets in the cities where the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held.

Andrey Vasiliev, Managing Director of GAZ Group’s Pavlovo Bus Plant:

- PAZ is a symbol of the Russian bus industry. The 85-year history of PAZ has proven its viability and demand for its products, whose popularity is primarily ensured by our desire to move forward in our development and improve in all areas. The plant employees represent a team of like-minded people, aimed at achieving a result and capable of overcoming any obstacles on the way to the set goal. In the near future we plan not only to expand the range of new buses for the Russian market, but also to actively develop export markets.