Ural Plant hold a driving skill competition

GAZ Group Ural Plant that is a member of Basic Element - a Russian largest diversified industrial group, has hold a driving skill competition among professional heavy-duty vehicle drivers. A vehicle of the new Ural Next family, the production of which started in the end of 2015, was chosen for the competition

Ural Plant hold a driving skill competition Ural Plant has hold a professional driving skill competition among heavy-duty vehicle drivers. The competition was hold in Surgut, a largest city of the Siberia Region that is of strategic importance for the plant because of intense operation of Ural vehicles. Twenty-six professional drivers took part in the competition and represented mining and construction companies of Surgut, Nefteyugansk, Kogalym and Pyt-Yakh.


A dirt track with off-road elements - mud, a rift with the depth of up to 0.7 m, inclines and a rut - was prepared for the competition. The ground imitated the real operational terms and conditions - sand with snow and water. The participants had to pass the track as soon as possible and make several speed maneuvering tasks (circle, box, parking, tunnel gates, snake, rut, relay race, stop). Ural Next trucks have excellent off-road capacity, are very reliable and easy to maneuver, which helped the professional drivers passing the track. Experienced supervisors monitored the tasks fulfillment.


The winners who managed to pass the track within the set time interval became the winners of the competition. Pavel Firstov, who represented Azimut-Engineering (Surgut), won the competition. Oleg Cherkasov from Surgutneftegas tool the second place, and Albert Mukhutdinov from SNG UTT Bystrinskneft - the third place. The winner received a discount for purchase of a Ural Next vehicle by his company.

The vehicles of flagship family with 5.5-13 tons payload capacity maintain traditional advantages of the Ural brand - unique off-road ability and high functionality, increased reliability and comfort, improved roadability and efficiency. The implemented engineering solutions allow providing the vehicle with a warranty for 24 months or 100 000 km, and interservice interval of 15 thous. km.