Ecological programs: minimizing environmental footprint

The Company progressively implements resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, develops products with high environmental characteristics in order to mitigate the negative impact of automobile transportation on human health. GAZ Group's efforts are also aimed at rendering help and support to partners and suppliers in improving environmental performance of their production facilities.

With a view to further enhancing environmental efficiency, health and safety, implementing modern methods of managing natural resources use, industrial safety and health protection GAZ Group operates a range of specialized instruments:

  • ISO 14001:2004

    «Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use»

  • ISO 9001:2015

    «Quality Management Systems. Requirements»

  • OHSAS 18001:2007

    «Occupational health and safety management systems»

All the standards are part of company management system, namely GAZ Group Integrated System of Management in the sphere of occupational health, safety, environmental protection and product quality.

Every year the Company confirms compliance of its system of environmental management, health and safety with international requirements by receiving relevant certificates from TUV ZUD Management Service GmbH (Germany).


GAZ Group is leader among Russian automakers in creation of environmentally friendly types of transport, including development of vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

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The Company produces a complete model range of buses and light commercial vehicles running on compressed natural gas – methane. The Company is also in the process of organizing production of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks powered by the same type of gas.

Advanced technical solutions are applied, as well as modern components from leading manufacturers of NGV equipment in order to ensure reliability of natural gas vehicles. Gas-powered YMZ engines for commercial transport have been developed in cooperation with Westport, international leader in manufacturing of gas fuel systems.

GAZ Group is cooperating with Rosneft and Gazprom companies in coordinating efforts to create an infrastructure for natural gas vehicles operation. First CNG fueling station has already been built at Gorky Automobile Plant as a result of a Russian Machines project, employing technologies ensuring highest purity of compressed gas and top fueling speed. Gorky Automobile Plant converted 150 vehicles of its factory fleet to compressed natural gas, generating a substantial saving and reducing hazardous emissions within plant territory.