Technologies for the future


Since 2010 GAZ Group has been active in practical robotechnics and works on creation of pilotless vehicles, involving in the development process the best student teams of the country:

  1. Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  2. Kovrov State Technological Academy
  3. Moscow Aviation Institute
  4. azan State Radio Engineering University
  5. Nizhny Novgorod State University named after Lobachevsky
  6. 'Signal' All-Russian Research Institute
  7. Engineering University
  8. and others

First Russian self-driven vehicles, which started off a new epoch of robotics in the country, were GAZelle LCVs, equipped with automated control systems. In cooperation with Oleg Deripaska's "Volnoe Delo" Foundation GAZ Group provides technical and consulting support to robot makers, organizes practical test of their products.

Real-life automated systems are tested in "Robocross" competitions held at Gorky Automobile Plant's test track.

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Also GAZ Group is developing a "Smart bus", designed to enhance safety of passenger transportation on public roads.

It is planned to equip buses with automated driver-assist systems reducing the risk of road accidents caused by human error. Those include systems for lane change warning, automatic braking before suddenly appearing obstacles, intellectual speed limitation, collision hazard warning, road signs detection and recognition, lateral video surveillance (blind zones monitoring), driver's condition monitoring and fatigue detection, traffic jam assistance and others. A number of such systems were already installed in GAZ Group buses that were operated in Sochi during the Olympic Games.