Quality management system

The quality management system is a key element of our company's development. In GAZ Group it covers all processes - from market analysis and design to purchasing, production, sales and service.

All the company's business processes are focused on customers, their requirements, expectations and increasing their satisfaction, which is confirmed by the certification of all GAZ Group companies for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. In addition, large automotive component companies (PJSC Avtodiesel, PJSC UMZ, PJSC GAZ) have certified their key production sites for compliance with additional requirements to automotive components suppliers IATF 16949.

Market analysis

Communication with the client allows improving the product already at the design and preproduction stage. The "Feedback" project helps hear from the customers. The company receives information about new models that are not yet launched into mass production after test operation - the vehicles are sent for testing to hundreds of loyal customers who submit information about the operation on-line. Each "tester" is assigned a personal supervisor.


Cooperation with GAZelle drivers’ fan clubs also provided invaluable help. For these drivers a vehicle is a source of income, they are well versed in all the technical subtleties of vehicles, therefore they are very demanding, attentive, and their experience is very valuable to us.


The implemented "Quality Gates" (PPDS) system has radically changed the approach to development of a new product. The PPDS is the product development approach, which is fully based on the market demands: first we find out from the buyer what functions and parameters the future vehicle should have, and then we develop it monitoring quality and cost at each design stage.


In recent years, the rate at which GAZ Group develops and launches new products Group has sped up significantly, at the same time the product concept already includes such important characteristic for the customer as the cost of ownership, which is made up of the costs of buying a new vehicle, its operation, the cost of repairs and the vehicle’s resale price.


Component purchasing specialists are engaged in the quality management system alongside the preproduction process. They monitor the suppliers’ new product development process and work together to eliminate the risks of purchased components quality reduction. This simplifies, but does not rule out the incoming inspection of components, as well as additional audit of the most critical parts. Quality issues are discussed on-line via the Dialog GAZ information system, to which the partners of the company’s Nizhny Novgorod production site are connected.



The key stage of quality management is production. When setting up flows all elements of the Production System are employed to make sure that workplaces are standardized, processes are convenient for operators, and losses are minimal.


The quality of finished goods is also monitored. One of the advanced techniques is the customer satisfaction audit (CSA), which simulates assessment of the vehicle by the customer. Auditors check gaps between panels, quality of paint coat, look under the hood. Quality specialists are guided by the principle: "If the auditor “does not buy” a newly produced vehicle, the real visitor of the showroom will not buy it either."

In addition to this tool, GAZ has implemented such effective technique as process audit. The process audit is based on the German standard VDA 6.3, which is widely recognized by world automakers. Such an assessment of the product lifecycle processes allows determining the level of quality of serial products and improving the processes of new models development. Also this tool allows finding out proactively, before manufacturing finished products and receiving feedback from the market, whether a particular customer will be satisfied with a particular product, and take all necessary measures to prevent errors.

Sales and service

Interaction with the end user is another important stage of the quality management system.

It is important not only to sell the vehicle to the customer, but also to provide quality service. The customer service of GAZ operates around the clock, processing more than 35,000 contacts per year. The majority of warranty repairs are carried out in GAZ branded service centers on the same day when the customer brings the vehicle for service. Customer satisfaction is the goal and core of the quality management system.

Sales and service

The hotline helps collect information on the market about all the issues, the level of service, which is then sent to the plant within 24 hours for analysis or prompt resolving the issue. In addition, the client can fill out the questionnaire on the www.azgaz.ru website and propose improvements.

Sales and service  

Employees of GAZ Trading House help their dealers improve, build long-term relationships with end customers based on trust and the commitment to assist in solving customer’s problems.