GAZ Production System: enhancing production efficie

GAZ Group's Gorky Automobile plant became the first Russian enterprise back in 2003 to develop and implement at its facilities a unique system of lean manufacturing.

The system allows raising production efficiency with maximized customer focus while eliminating all losses and involving each employee in organizing continuous improvements in production.

GAZ Production System is in effect at all GAZ Group's plants and is an integral part of all processes, starting from materials purchasing to sales of finished products.

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The Company provides training of PS specialists not only for GAZ Group but also for businesses of Basic Element Group and other Russian businesses. GAZ Group's expertise is studied by companies from various industries: Sberbank of Russia, Rosatom Corporation, businesses active in agriculture, oil processing, construction. Approximately 60,000 company employees and more than 3,000 partners and suppliers were trained to use instruments of production system over the past few years.

In recent years, training tools production system have been:



    Employees of the company

  • More than

    3 000

    partners and suppliers

In 2012 GAZ Group established in Nizhny Novgorod Technical University named after R.E.Alekseyev "Production system in machine-building industry" teaching department. It is the first time in Russia that an academic chair specializing in production system is opened by an industrial company within a state-owned higher education institution.