Gazelle business 4WD

Dedicated Off-Road Performance

High approach/departure angles guarantee contact-free overcoming of obstacles and protection of buffers against damage. A small wheelbase coupled with a wide steering angle provides the vehicle with excellent maneuverability (small turning circle).

Ground Clearance

Defines excellent off-road vehicle performance and enables movement ignoring obstacles such as speed bumps and curbs in a city and deep winter or field tracks, sand and fallen trees in off-road conditions.

Part-Time Four Wheel Drive

The part-time four wheel drive system is a fairly simple mechanical system, reliable in extreme situations and easily repairable. It makes the vehicle multi-purpose for trips in the city and beyond, and provides stable off-road performance on loose and unstable soils.

Substantial Suspension Travel

Ensures that the wheels do not come away from the surface on road unevenness and, accordingly, that the vehicle moves in the right direction.

Reduction Gear

Enables the vehicle to move at a low speed at high rpm and engine power, i.e. increases the torque on the wheels when vehicles overcome obstacles like rough road conditions, ice, fords.

Lockable Rear
Axle Differential

Provides significant improvement in the off-road performance of the vehicle on difficult road sections with a slippery surfaces or unstable soil and maximum wheel efficiency when locked: torque is transferred to the driving wheels with 50/50 distribution.

Rear Drive with
Front Axle Deactivated

Improves vehicle off-road performance. Reduces turning radius. More predictable behavior when drifting. Provides better road grip when the fully-loaded vehicle starts off or climbs in winter conditions, as the load on the rear axle increases and the probability of slipping decreases.

Turning Radius 6.5 m

Provides maneuverability of the vehicle in confined urban and suburban conditions (forest belt, track, winding road, etc.)

Fording Depth 500 mm

Enables to cross road sections with water obstacles, in particular on the bottom with a hard or viscous surface, at speeds up to 20 km/h.

Off-Road Tires 225/75R16

Multi-purpose and durable tires with high off-road performance and wear resistance when used on asphalt, dirt, sand and gravel roads, in off-road and ford conditions.

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