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Braking Path Reduced

The braking system with disc brakes on the front wheels and a BOSCH vacuum servo deliver the shortest braking path among domestic all-wheel drive vehicles, possibility of emergency brake application and no vehicle “drifting” on the road when braking.

Energy-Absorbing Steering Column and Steering Wheel

Semi-conventional configuration provides a “collapsible” section in a head-on collision, and location of the engine and other operating systems outside the cabin.

Rear view mirrors with electric heating and wide-angle section in baseline configuration provide an effective view from the driver and front passenger seats and exclude any “blind spots”.

Windshield Area 1.5 Square Meters

Provides an effective view of the road from the driver’s seat excluding any “blind spots”. Increased clamping force and number of wiper blade strokes and application of the wiper gear motor with increased output and reliability ensure high windshield cleaning efficiency.

Seats and Seat Belts

All seats are equipped with seat belts positioned in the direction of travel and have a comfortable backrest angle.

Lighting equipment:

  • Effective roadway lighting;
  • Possibility to have high beam on simultaneously with low beam;
  • Effective view of the road from the driver’s seat.

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