Gazelle City

Model range

New style

The new interior hood panel helps lower the noise level while with the original cable lock you can easily open the hood. Some design changes have improved heat exchanging performance.

The new lights have a modern design and a longer life of its components, so there is no need to change the daytime running lights and the marker lights. Their illumination has been increased to 2,000 mc delivering better lighting in rain and fog.

The new body exterior design comes with changes in the windshield angle to 45° and better aerodynamic performance at the speed of >80 km/h.

Comfort for the driver

There is a partition wall behind the driver’s seat. However the driver can easily monitor passenger entry and exit process. The driver’s seat is anatomically designed, has an armrest and five adjustment positions.

Steering column with adjustable angle.

Next to the driver’s seat there is an anatomically designed high back passenger seat with a three-point belt and an armrest.

Accessible Environment

The new bus is the only one in Russia designed in compliance with the Accessible Environment program requirements. The wheelchair space is on the left side of the passenger compartment, right behind the driver’s partition wall.

The wheelchair is secured by the folded seat cushions on one side and the folded handrail on the partition wall panel on the other side to prevent the rider falling out of the wheelchair. There is also a horizontal handrail above the folding seats.

The driver alarm button is easy to access at the window sill of the left side window. For priority passengers there is also one passenger seat with a wider cushion (440 mm), a folding armrest and a signal button.

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