Gazelle City

Wide automatic door

A wide door opening and an electric double door for quick and easy entry and exit.

One-step entry

The bus is based on the original chassis design with a lowered central section for low entry and a really low floor level.

Mechanical ramp

There is a mechanical ramp for easy access to and from the bus for passengers with buggies and other people with restricted mobility.

Big floor space

A wide and big space in the middle of the compartment for wheelchair users, passengers with strollers and buggies and standees. There is a wheelchair ramp there, too.

High and spacious passenger compartment

The signature element of this bus is its high and spacious passenger compartment. The glass surface is 30% larger, while the overall length has been increased up to 6,620 mm

Comfortable seats

The seats are great for their comfort and usability. For a longer lifecycle of the seats they come with a plastic vandal-proof frame, a removable cushion and a soft seat back, which is covered with non-pile fabric and can be easily replaced. The seats have been tested in focus groups and have proved to be comfortable and ergonomic.

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