NEXT cab is comfortable and spacious. Distinctive features of the NEXT cabin include excellent ergonomics and attention to details.

Niches, shelves, glove compartments

A lot of niches, boxes and compartments (in the dashboard, behind the footstep wall and under the driver's seat) allows keeping everything necessary on the road handy. A ceiling console and additional door compartments can be installed on request.


The instrument panel made of soft-touch plastic features an on-board computer providing information about the basic vehicle parameters. The instrument panel backlight brightness can be adjusted.


For customers’ comfort even the base trim of the vehicle is audio ready featuring ISO-connectors for speakers or head unit and is also fitted with 2 speakers.

The time spent on the road will be livened by a modern audio system with a USB port and control buttons on the steering wheel.

Power windows and rearview mirrors

The basic trim of the Next features power windows by Brose with optimal opening / closing speed of 5-6 seconds.
The heated side rearview mirrors provide good visibility even in severe frost. The power rearview mirrors allow adjusting the rear view at any time.

Comfortable driver's seat

A comfortable driver's seat with improved anatomical support featuring five levels of adjustment is yet another advantage of the Next. Optimal stiffness and shape of the seat allows you to sit comfortable behind the wheel. Thanks to this the driver does not get tired even on long trips.

Lumbar support, an armrest and heating provide maximum comfort.

Comfortable microclimate

High efficiency climate system by Delphi installed in the Next, provide excellent performance for cooling and heating of the cabin, as well as windshield defrosting: already after 5-7 minutes you will forget about the frost outside. Effective exhaust ventilation and cabin filter clean the air inside the cabin. A modern radiator consisting of two separate elements significantly increases the cooling system efficiency thereby preventing overheating.


Drivers of any build and height will feel at home behind the wheel of the Next thanks to an adjustable and energy-absorbing steering column. The new rack and pinion steering system by ZF with hydraulic assist improves handling and stability of the vehicle on roads with uneven surface. This is the result of integrating the front suspension and steering system in a single module. The high energy absorbing capacity of the suspension ensures a comfortable crossing of bumps.

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VECTOR NEXT Length: 7645 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 53
VECTOR 8.8 Length: 8800 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 64
PAZ-320412 Length: 8560 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 70
PAZ-3204 Length: 7500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 53
PAZ-3203 Length: 7100 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 43
PAZ-4234 Length: 8165 mm
PAZ-32053/54 Length: 7000 mm
KAVZ-4235 AURORA Length: 8410 mm
LiAZ-4292 Length: 9500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 82
LiAZ-5292 restyling Length: 12410 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 114
LiAZ-6213 Length: 18040 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 153
LiAZ-5256 city Length: 11400 mm
LiAZ-5256 suburban Length: 11400 mm
LiAZ-5293 Length: 11400 mm
KAVZ-4270 Length: 10200 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 84
CRUISE Length: 12060 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 49
VOYAGE Length: 12500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 60
VOYAGE L Length: 14950 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 100
VECTOR 8.8 m intercity Length: 8800 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 50
LiAZ-5256 intercity Length: 11400 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 66
KAVZ-4238 Length: 10030 mm
VECTOR NEXT school Length: 7645 mm
PAZ-3203/04-70 school Length: 7100 mm
PAZ-32053-70 school Length: 7000 mm
KAVZ-4235/4238 school Length: 8410 mm
PAZ-3206 Length: 7000 mm
Electrobus Length: 12420 mm
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