Parameters PAZ-3206
Length/Width/Height, mm 7000/2500/3105
Door number/width, mm 2/650 1/726+ 1 emergency/600
Ceiling height in passenger compartment, mm 1965
Body type Integral, all-metal, wagon-type
Min. turning radius, m 11
Unladen/ fully loaded weight, kg 5165…5650/7500
Front/rear axle load, kg 3200/4300
Total passenger capacity (including seats) 25(25+1); 23(23+1); 24+1
Capacity of fuel tank/gas cylinders, l 95
Chassis/axle GAZ
Steering gear Hydraulic power steering
Braking system Pneumatic hydraulic, dual-circuit, with separate axle circuits, ABS.
Ventilation Natural, through roof hatches and side windows
Heating system Hot air heating from the engine cooling system
Tyres 8,25 R20