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The family of heavy V-type diesel engines in 6-cylinder version, with a displacement of 11.15 liters and 150-300 hp power range, meets the requirements of ecological legislation up to environmental class 4 (UN Regulations No.49-05C (B1), № 96-02)

V-type YMZ engines are characterized by high reliability and significant durability up to 1 million km, a high degree of unification of basic models and versions, wide applicability as part of various machinery including trucks and buses, tractors, bulldozers, harvesters, excavators, river vessels, diesel generator stations.

The engines have high repairability, are supported by spare parts in all the regions of operation, which makes them in demand by many consumers.
11.15 L
150–300 hp

EURO-4 96-02 EURO-3 96-01 EURO-2 EURO-1 EURO-0 EURO-5

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