GAZ and Africa Motors Launched Sales of Commercial Vehicles in Morocco

2 Jul 2018

GAZ, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia, together with Africa Motors (Auto Hall Group), a new distribution partner of GAZ, started selling a range of commercial vehicles GAZelle NEXT in Morocco. The first model, that went on sale, was GAZelle NEXT chassis equipped with a 2.8-liter diesel engine and offered with a single-row or double-cab. The universal basic chassis of GAZelle NEXT allows creating more than 100 types of special vehicles. GAZelle NEXT went on sale in 50 Africa Motors dealer stores throughout the country.

The GAZelle NEXT line is a line of light commercial vehicles combining excellent functionality and modern technical solutions. GAZelle NEXT vehicles are equipped with 2.8-litre diesel engines. Engine displacement – 2.8 l, power – 150 hp, maximum torque – 330 Nm. Fuel consumption is 8.5/10.3 l per 100 km at a speed of 60 and 80 km/h respectively.  

GAZelle NEXT base chassis allows placing over 100 special add-ons depending on business tasks. External parts of GAZelle NEXT cab are fully galvanized and treated with anti-corrosion materials. Plastic side panels are installed on the vehicle. All joints and welds are protected with anti-corrosion coatings and special sealants. 

GAZelle NEXT chassis has a frame design that ensures vehicle safety and operation in difficult road conditions under heavy loads. The front independent lever-type suspension provides smooth driving and excellent steering control. The information content and steering quality of the rack-and-pinion steering mechanism meet the standards of the best LCV manufacturers. The dual-circuit brakes system with front disk-type brakes and increase brake pad diameter has a triple safety margin. 

GAZelle NEXT chassis are available in 50 Africa Motors branches in Morocco. The warranty for GAZelle NEXT is 3 years or 150 thousand km of mileage, a service interval is 20 000 km. 

Christian Kremer, SVP Global Sales and Marketing  - Together with our partner, Africa Motors, we took the first step - we’ve signed a distribution agreement and launched sales of GAZelle NEXT chassis in Morocco. Soon, we will bring to the market a full range of modern and multifunctional GAZelle NEXT, on which base can be built over 300 types of special vehicles. We also consider Morocco as a significant milestone of our export strategy that can help us to further develop our business in African countries. And in this matter, we rely on efficient cooperation with our partner. 

Hamid Benkirane, Africa Motors Brand Manager  - We have a big ambition for GAZ in Morocco and Africa. Africa Motors wants to make GAZ the leading brand in the LCV segment in Morocco. In order to achieve this ambition, Africa Motors is giving GAZ its more than 100 years’ experience in the automotive business, its sales and technical staff and the largest automotive network with more than 50 points of sales and service. Africa Motors covers the whole territory of the Kingdom.