GAZ Presented Commercial Vehicles at Vietnam AutoExpo 2018

13 Jun 2018
Hanoi (Vietnam), June 6, 2018 – GAZ, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia, presented a wide range of commercial transport at Vietnam AutoExpo 2018, the international exhibition on automobile, transportation and supporting industry. The company brought 5 models to Vietnam: drop-side truck GAZelle NEXT, frame bus GAZelle NEXT Citiline, drop-side truck GAZelle Business 4x4, medium-duty trucks GAZon NEXT and Sadko 4x4.

The international exhibition, Vietnam AutoExpo 2018, gathers annually over 75 000 visitors. Leading journalists, experts, representatives of the world-known automotive brands and authorities get together under one roof to discuss the latest trends and development of car industry. The event takes place in Hanoi at the Vietnam National Convention Center (NCC) between June 6-9.

Christian Kremer, SVP Global Sales and Marketing

We consider Vietnam as a high-potential market with massive growth in the coming years. In 2018 GAZ has started implementation of the intergovernmental protocol on the industrial assembly that has been signed between Russia and Vietnam. Now we’re exploring possibilities to set up a joint venture and start sales in Vietnam. At the exhibition we expose our bestsellers of LCV market in Russia, and, we believe, they will be the volume-makers in Vietnam. This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to get feedback from customers before entering a new market, and further form a right product portfolio out of over 500 GAZ models for Vietnam market. Step by step we will show up our heavy-duty trucks URAL, medium and large buses including CNG versions, and many others.

The GAZelle NEXT line is a line of light commercial vehicles combining excellent functionality and modern technical solutions. GAZelle NEXT vehicles are equipped with 2.8-litre diesel engines. Engine displacement – 2.8 l, power – 150 hp, maximum torque – 330 Nm.

GAZelle NEXT drop-side truck is presented in a standard configuration with a single-row cab. The NEXT base chassis allows placing over 300 special add-ons depending on business tasks. External parts of GAZelle NEXT cab are fully galvanized and treated with anti-corrosion materials. Plastic side panels are installed on the vehicle. All joints and welds are protected with anti-corrosion coatings and special sealants.

GAZelle NEXT drop-side truck has a frame design that ensures vehicle safety and operation in difficult road conditions under heavy loads. The front independent lever-type suspension provides smooth driving and excellent steering control. The information content and steering quality of the rack-and-pinion steering mechanism meet the standards of the best LCV manufacturers. The dual-circuit brakes system with front disk-type brakes and increase brake pad diameter has a triple safety margin.

GAZelle NEXT Citiline framed buses are noted for their shorter length and larger body width. Despite their small size, these buses can carry up to 19 passengers. Buses are equipped with comfortable passenger seats and handrails allowing passengers to move easily and safely throughout the passenger compartment. GAZelle NEXT Citiline buses have a large glass area.

In the hot summer months, climate control systems with a dual-zone air conditioning and separate front and rear cooler control units, installed in GAZelle NEXT Citiline buses, provide a cool temperature inside the vehicles. Sliding windows and a hatch located on the roof ensure effective ventilation inside the passenger compartment.

GAZelle Business 4*4 drop-side truck is presented with a crew cab and canvas. GAZelle Business is an AWD vehicle with enhanced cross-country capacity. The vehicle is outfitted with a part-time AWD system. The part-time AWD is a relatively simple system, which is reliable in extreme situations. A step-down gear allows GAZelle Business moving with a small speed at high RPM and engine power, i.e. it increases the torque at wheels when passing obstacles such as cross-country, rift. A small wheelbase and a large steerable wheel turning angle ensure excellent maneuverability of GAZelle Business (small turning radius) on narrow city streets.

GAZelle Business is outfitted with a 2.8-litre diesel engine. The engine displacement is 2.8 l, power output - 120 hp, torque - 295 Nm.
GAZon NEXT is a new-generation medium-duty truck intended to transport cargoes both within the city and between cities. Vehicle load capacity is 5 tons, and gross weight is 8.7 tons. The vehicle is equipped with an efficient pneumatic brake system with disk brakes for front and rear wheels. The integral steering provides for high information capacity and good control upon the application of little effort on the steering wheel. The front suspension is equipped with extended springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers, and a stabilizer bar, thus providing a smooth and stable ride when driving at high speed. The cabin is made of galvanized steel, which has undergone double priming, while splashers and wheel arches are made of heavy-duty plastic, which provides a high level of protection against corrosion.

The simplicity of installing add-ons allows the creating of various modifications of special vehicles on the GAZon NEXT chassis, for example, dump trucks, multipurpose road maintenance vehicles, food and fuel storage tanks, repair cars and reach stackers. The vehicle is produced with two cabin versions: standard (3 seats) and double-row (seating for up to 7 passengers) as well as with two versions of the wheelbase – standard and extended. The vehicle is equipped with a YMZ-536 engine with 150 hp capacity and a 5-speed gearbox produced by the Yaroslavl Engine Plant.

Sadko all-wheel-drive medium-duty truck is well-known for its unique off-road qualities. The vehicle is popular among the armed forces of many countries, and resource and geology companies that operate in deserts, jungle and mountainous areas, to say nothing of forest and countryside regions. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful diesel engine, power steering, a comfortable two-seat cabin, easy-to-reach controls, a tire pressure control system and mechanically driven winch.

The Sadko vehicle chassis are widely used to place various special add-ons for a wide range of activities.


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